Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pool #13

Last day with workers.   We will miss Quinn, Tom, Don, and Ron.  They cleaned up everything - more than I ever dreamed  a company would.   Thanks Gulf Breeze Pools and Mike!

Rope for deep/shallow end.   Great if small children are in the pool.  Otherwise, just unhook it.

There are two of the four fountains.  They are adjustable to height. Picture does not do them justice.

This the automatic Polaris pool sweeper.   I can be set to sweep the pool at night. It not only sweeps the bottom of the pool but also runs along the side.  Too cool. No pool sweeping for us!

I am going to think of a name for him (the pool cleaner). 

Replacing the fence and the plants.   They do it all!

Breakfast of Champions!  Krispy Kreme.

More fountains.  Dad talking to Tom.  Surprised?

We are not to use the banisters for a few days to let the cement harden. 

We left a small area for flowers next to the house.

Learning how to run this baby this afternoon.  

The small shed is going to be emptied and used for pool supplies.  Good idea, huh?

Mom and I in the pool!

Mom swimming laps.

Mom swimming more laps.

Is this a dream!  Pinch me.!!!!!

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