Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tourist - part 2

After Visiting Fort Pickens, we went to ride the large "Wheel of Excellence".  Wow!  When at the top you are as high as any of the condos and see WAY down the island and out in the Gulf of Mexico.

The inside is air conditioned and comfy.
And The View......
Then we road down the road toward Navarre Beach and went past the famous spaceship house.  There were under 10 made in the country and it has withstood all the hurricanes where other houses have failed.
The day's drive ended at the other end of the island in Navarre.  Loved this direction/sign in some one's yard.  Something similar to that would look so cute in our backyard.
Sightseeing tour ended by leaving Navarre Beach- over the bridge - and back to highway 98 in Navarre.  After a short stop for an ice cream cone, home we went. 
Just another day in paradise!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tourist For A Day

Tuesday of Dave's spring break and we are eating lunch at Peg Legs.  We decided since it is a bit cool to drive around the island and be tourists for a day.   It was so fun.
Here I am getting my pass out to get down to Fort Pickens.
These old live oaks are throughout the area on the way to the fort.

Walking through Fort Pickens is always interesting with all the history. 
I love this shot.   I have seen brides here getting their picture taken in their bridal gown.
Just me.
Dave by one of the canons. 
The reason this is called paradise.
Continued tomorrow.......

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back in Gulf Breeze

We are back in Gulf Breeze, Florida.  Wow!  What a day!  In the 80's and sunny.   Dave is here for the week week so off went to Subway on the beach.   Forget that.  The Spring breaks and locals were all heading out to the beach so traffic was backed up.  We stopped at the Subway further up on Gulf Breeze and ate there.  Then to Bealls shopping.   Now, in case you don't know about Beall's and you like coastal stores, you must check out this department store or go online and check them out.   I got a pair of knee length shorts and a pair of capris.  50% off with another 15% off.  Good deal, huh!  Dave got sandals for himself and another pair for a gift.  
This is what it is doing in Indiana right now.   Matter of fact, my other brother is in Fort Wayne for a basketball game and I hope he gets home safely.  Indianapolis is really getting hit - that last big storm before spring.
Here is Dave - happy with the warm weather.  I remember that Spring Break feeling of warmth on your face instead of cold and sleet and snow.  
Yesterday we ran over to the beach to walk but the wind was strong and it was a cloudy, foggy day.  Today, it is the exact opposite. 
 I haven't unpacked yet.   I HATE doing that but I guess I must.  Some tasty rump roast is cooking in the slow cooker for French Dip for tonight.  YUM!  So I am off for now and all my friends and family up in snow storms - please take care and be safe.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Short & Sweet

Today was a cold and windy day so a few of us went to see OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL.   I highly recommend this movie.  It was fun, exciting, colorful and a good way to spend a cold March afternoon.  But the ticket prices were too much!  Especially since it was a 3D movie and don't even get me going on a medium diet coke and a medium popcorn.  OVER $9.00!  Oh my gosh.   So a simple afternoon at the movies came to almost $20.  for one person.   That is just way too much.
But as I said, I enjoyed the movie.
Later, Mom and I stopped in to see some friends - Sue and Gordon.   Picked up Dairy Queen treats on the way home.   We don't have a DQ close to us in Florida.....actually I am better off that way without the temptation close to home.  The bad news is Dad is not feeling well tonight so I don't know if we are going to Monticello tomorrow.  Ron works tomorrow and then has basketball in the evening so he has a busy day on Wednesday.  
 Hope he gets a good night's rest tonight.   And the same to all of you!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Whew! Cold!

Cloudy, Cloudy Days.......
It is cold here!  28 degrees right now and the days are cloudy with cold, misty rain.  It isn't the cold that is so bad but the lack of sunshine.  When the sun shines, it is as if Mother Nature is smiling at you.  But that is Indiana in March.   We are having a great time despite the gloomy days.   Today I got to see my friends from school and also met cousin's Sandy and Jim for dinner.  It is great keeping close to friends and relatives.  Tomorrow Dad and Ron are going golfing in an indoor driving range and then we are all off to see the Wizard of Oz movie.
It was great seeing Kris - teaches foreign languages, Kelly - band, Betty - FACS, and Eric - science today.  They are all so happy and have exciting things happening in their lives. Eric shaved his head for a good cause.....hmmmmmm.  It will grow back.     Spring break is a hot topic of discussion - I think Betty is the only one going away but all are ready for a break   I don't blame them!
This new computer is pretty cool, let me tell you.  We got a 22 1/2 inch monitor with it so what a difference it is compared to Dad's old (older than dirt) computer.  We also dropped a lap top off at Three Dog Net in Hobart.   A past student of mine owns the business and it looks like he has it running again.  Yea for Anthony!!
Hoosiers love their snowy, white winters - especially at Christmas time but now there is
so much brown everywhere.  Trees without leaves, no flowers, brown dormant grass, the typical way Indiana looks until the Spring showers arrive and clean everything up from winter. How can anyone here not anxiously look forward to the first day of Spring!
 I know when we get back home, we are also getting back to bright colors.  When we left the flowers were blooming in pinks and white.  The green palms and pine trees are beautiful against the bright blue sky.  If you want to see more colors, head to the beach to see blue, yellow, and red beach umbrellas, beach toys, and brightly decorated beach towels against the gleaming white sand.
I love Indiana.  I love Florida.  I am a Hoosier living in Florida OR was I a Floridian living in Indiana???  I am happy being both!   Keep warm all you fellow Hoosiers - it is now gone down to 27 degrees!   Ugh!!!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Been awhile........

Yes, it has been a long time since I blogged.   So Sorry.
JANUARY -  Ah......Went to Disney World with Dad, Mom, and Sandy.  Oh yes, and Kacey.  It was wonderful weather, no crowds, and we went to everything in the Magic Kingdom we wanted to see with no lines.    The weather was in the 60's and chilly in the evenings.  
FEBRUARY -  I found a wonderful Chiropractor to help some of the problems with my back.  It seems to be helping.  My private lesson students have been preparing for Solo and Ensemble Contest and I am accompanying them.   They are excited and scared but are ready for the contest.
My Uncle and cousin visited for two days.   He is my Mom's brother - Carl.  Jamilah lives in New Orleans and she and Carl had been going to many of the Mardi Gras parades.  I asked for some beads and DID I GET BEADS!    A big bag full.   We also went over to the Pensacola Beach Mardi Gras parade just before it began and got to see all the floats and we were able to collect some beads there also. 
MARCH -  More private lessons. Oh, and they all got first/gold medals at contest.  I finally got to see my Endocrinologist.  It took four months to get my first appointment.  My thyroid is hyperthyroid due to a couple of nodules so I am going to be going through some treatments in a couple of weeks.
I was very impressed with the doctor so all is good.   Mom, Dad, Kacey, and I left for Indiana a couple of days ago to visit friends and family.  We are staying at my brother Ron's.  Our schedule is almost booked solid with seeing everyone- so fun!   BUT oh, the cold!!!!!  I know, I know.....March in Indiana is cold but this is more of that wet, rainy, almost snow cold that goes right through you.  I am getting spoiled in Florida.   We call 59 degrees cold.

This this is Indiana snow?  No way!   This is some of
that beautiful white sand on
Pensacola Beach.
 Yes!   This is snow from Indiana.   Well, not
today but my last year living here.
Dad's birthday is Thursday and we just bought him a new computer.   His old computer was older than dirt and I can't wait to get home and throw it O-U-T!!   We have the new one set up on Ron's kitchen table for him to use during free time this week.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!
When we leave Friday, we are picking up Dave (my other brother) in Indy and he is going down for the week in Florida and flying back home the day before Easter.

It is getting late so I will sign off and get to bed.   I am sleeping on a blow-up bed.  Ugh!  Well, actually it isn't too bad at all.  So I will sign off from Hobart and leave you with a picture of Yohan, the Mascot of the Hobart Brickies!