Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Thursday, August 20, 2015

School's started

Yep.   School has started again and Dad and I went to the beach to take some pictures.  I loved it!   The busy, crowded beach was  not as crowded with everyone back to school.   It seemed  calmer; more peaceful.
We ate lunch at the Casino Beach restaurant.  This is wonderful!  By the way, Mom was home .......she decided to relax.

There are more people than it looks.  You are seeing just heads from this view.  But look at those beautiful clouds.....a typical August afternoon storm was ready to pass by.

The fishing pier and some palms.

I can just sit, enjoy the lunch, and stare at the view.   How lucky I feel.

Back in Hobart, today was the first day for students.  That was always a fun day but also 20 thousand things to accomplish.  And look where I was.....I love retirement!

This is a tractor pulling a sand sweeper.  The sand sweeper has large rollers that sweep up the sand, deposits it in a sifter, and then drops the cleaned sand back on the beach.  

Look at the different seating options that are offered.

Mr. Pizza enjoying the beach.

The drink of choice on the beach.

Palm trees everywhere.  And I mean everywhere!

Sorry, this picture is through the car glass.  This is one of many free trolley stops with the thatched roof to protect you from the sun.

Yes, the sand is this white.

People that live on the island decorated there houses in ways the are wonderfully island-like!

And the colors of the houses are bright!

Ah, a tip of the Gulf of Mexico peaking above the sand path.

This yellow house has its own library out front.   Take a book, leave a book.  A great way to share with neighbors.

The Pelican mailbox is just one of many special mailboxes on the island.

Back home, we are using the pool to beat the heat.

Our banana trees out front are larger than we have seen since we moved in four years ago.  Probably because of the extreme heat that we have "enjoyed" this summer.

If you read my blog, you probably know that the house next door burned down 10 months ago.   I have been trying to get it taken down by the county and it is a slow, slow process.   The Navarre Press came and interviewed me about the slow system that we must endure to get such a dangerous eyesore torn down.  This is the article.   They took a picture of Kacey and I in front of the burnt house.  Kacey was in the picture because he was going to mention that we had to keep her away from that area because of all the glass......but that part didn't make the article.  That's ok.   Kacey got her picture in the paper on her birthday.

  As I mentioned in the top, school has started for everyone.  I know summer goes so fast when you are back into the classroom in mid-August.   As a teacher, you kind of feel that summer is over once you are in school but now I enjoy much more summer time.   We do have seasons here in Pensacola but cold might be low 40's at night and high 60's during the day.  Lowes sells flower all year round.
So I will leave wishing all teacher friends a great, stress-free year.