Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kite Flying

Today there was kite flying at Navarre Beach.  There were between 20 and 25 people there flying  kites of all kinds.   My dolphin kite went right up and looked so pretty against the blue sky.  Kite flying is a big thing along the beaches.  Some of the kites are incredible - very large and all different sizes.
This was the most unusual kite I saw there.  It is amazing what will fly. 

No a cloud in the sky.......just our kites.
Well, the kites and the seagulls.
I have been told over and over by people that have lived here for years that this winter is a warm winter and not to expect this every year.  I guess most of the country is experiencing this weather trend.  When we do have a cool day, it feels good - almost reminds me of Indiana.  And with that I will just say     23 days till Disney!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Quiet Time

I brought my computer to the library to work on a picture book I am doing through Shutterfly and the quiet is wonderful.  I am sitting by a big window that looks out to a beautiful park and of course, their Internet system runs so much faster here than at home. 
I had received a coupon for $10.00 off through Shutterfly and am determined to use it.  I did not realize how detailed their program is for making picture books.   I understand it perfectly after years of doing PowerPoint other other such programs.  So I am having a blast doing this.  My only problem is that my computer only has 30 minutes of battery power left so I am moving fast.
I do love my new computer.  It's screen is BIG and the typing is so easy.  
Dad's latest project is a new mailbox post holder.   It is classy and has a flower box on the back.  Here is a shot of Dad putting in the cement to hold it good and steady.  I will show the final picture after we get the flowers put in the flower box.

We went to dinner at Sidelines on Pensacola Beach last night.   After a day of rain, the sunset was stunning.  You can see the Pensacola Beach beach ball water tower in between the palms.  And yes Kelly, we went out to eat AGAIN.  But tonight I am making homemade pizza.  Yummmy!
Well, my computer is running down so I think I will close.   I want to check out the DVD's here - why rent when you can get a library card and watch for free?
24 Days Till Disney!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Exercise .....bah

I have been trying to get to the gym several times a week.  I don't always make it but with a trip to Disney coming up, I am determined to exercise more so that I am in better shape for the days at Disney World.   I have been there many times before, but I read the average person walks over 10 miles a day at Disney.   I believe it.  Later, I went to the zoo and walked there for exercise and to say hi to my animal friends.  It was a cooler day so lots of activity by the animals was noticeable.   This is a picture of Geronimo.   He is such a cutie!
I was just looking through some of the pictures I have shot and this next one is below the fishing bridge on Navarre Beach.
 The weather here in January is wonderful.  Can be low 70's or in the fifties.   Today it did rain but most days we have had sun for most of the day.  Very few times has the furnace actually been run and the same with the air conditioning.   That saves money!
I do not know what these flowers are called but you see them all over one bushes in different colors.   They are so pretty and it is wonderful to see flowers growing in January.   Remember,  I just moved here from Indiana.   The grass here does go dormant in the winter so every one's  grass is a brownish color.  Some trees have lost their leaves and other trees have beautiful green leaves as if it is the middle of summer.   Of course, all palms are green and beautiful.
Ron said it is getting cold again up north.  They had a 40's warm spell and the temperature is dropping.  I think this is all I have for now.  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dave's Birthday

January 22  is my brother's birthday.  He is 54 today.  Yes, 54. I have told Dave he is not getting his gift until he gets here in February for the President's Break visit.   Dave is a teacher in Monticello, Indiana at Roosevelt Middle School and teaches science and reading (Ithink).   When his retirement happens, he will be moving down here in Pensacola with the rest of us. 
So Dave is still teaching for a few years.  That is ok because he enjoys teaching so much.  And he can jump on a plane and fly down here for vacations.  We have seen him several times in the last 6 months.  So happy birthday Dave - love you!

Other than that there isn't much news today to tell.  Went to the Worship On the Water Church this morninng in the fog.   Dad is making a wonderful mailbox stand for us and he and I ran over to Lowes to pick up items for that after lunch. I'll post pictures when it is finished and up.    Tonight I am running out to Michaels because they are having a 25% off sale Sunday evening.  I love sales and I love Michaels I will go in a few minutes.

29 Days Till Disney

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Simple Beach Math

Warm temperatures plus...

 A book to read plus...

  Me equals........


Friday, January 20, 2012

Disney Reservations

Much time has been spent the last couple days reading all about Disney World on the Internet and also in a book I purchased.  Now, this will be my 16th trip to Disney World but I am excited as if it is my first.  Some changes since I have been there last includes the price.  WOW!  We are lucky though because Sandy, my aunt, has a condo by 9 miles from Disney that she has got with vacation points so that is free.  We are staying in Coronado Springs, a moderate Disney resort, for two nights but my Florida residency allows a big price break on those nights.
Disney also has an offer going on right now for Florida residents that give us 4 days for $130.   This is a great price.  So I first looked at resorts.   I have stayed at many of them before but Coronado Springs will be a new place for Sandy and I.  It is big - I mean big!  Step two was dinning reservations.   I studied all the restaurants and discussed many with Sandy on the phone.  We have decided to eat at one of the Polynesian Resort restaurants - we have both  ate there before and the crowds are so much less.  Another choice was the Liberty Tavern in the Magic Kingdom.   Well, four reservations have been made so our dinning is taken care of - yeah!!  Tonight or in the morning I am ordering my tickets.  That will save us time when we arrive.
I have not been to Disney World since the fast pass has come into play.   We will utilize those for sure.
I am making this trip with my Aunt Sandy.  She is my Dad's brother's wife and I love her lots!  She is a few years older than I and when we are together we laugh and laugh and laugh.  I know we are going to have the best time.
Today was so warm for January - a muggy 72 degrees.  Up in Indiana my friends and family are going through a major snow store and cold.   This is something I don't miss - the ice, extreme cold, slippery roads, and parking lots.  Ugh.....well, I hope everyone is snuggled up at home with hot chocolate.
Flowers at Lowes today......

 Flowers to enjoy in January - this makes me happy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Computer!

I have just received my new laptop.  My other one was 6 years old and slow as can be.   Finally, one day a few days ago I had had it!  I took it to the Geek Squad and they were going to charge $200. to get it moving better.  Too much money to put into that older computer so off I went to buy a new one.  And I did.   I ordered a new computer at Best Buy but the next morning, Office Max had a laptop with more hard drive space and a larger screen so I ordered that one and canceled the other.  It came today and I love it!
My first picture is of a single strawberry.  We  have a few strawberry plants out back and they have produced one, perfect, single strawberry - in January!  One is difficult to share 3 ways so I believe in late February we will be planting tomatoes.
There is an area in Pensacola that the large ships are docked.   It is amazing what you will find there.  Last Sunday there was a ship there that we got to walk through for free.   So interesting!

 Here I am in the ship.  This was so interesting.   The living quarters were fancy but small.  Would be fun to go out on a sailboat like this for a couple of days.
That same day we went to the Pensacola theater and enjoyed the music of the Pensacola Symphony.   They had a concert that evening and the tickets were a bit "pricey" but you could go to the afternoon rehearsal and hear them perform for $5.00!   You can't beat that.   They played 45 minutes of music that would be performed that evening - straight through.  We could of stayed after the break but that was enough for my Dad so off we went to the bay front.

Our neighbors down the street just got a new puppy!  He is three months old and full of energy.  I know Kray and Elise are thrilled to have this little guy! 
Other than that, I have spent lots of time this week working on Sandy's and my trip to Disney.   More about that on my next blog.  A bit cool here today but sunny.  A sweater or sweatshirt is good to have with you.   According to Ron, it is downright cold up in Hobart - well, it is January 18th.  Take care all!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Snow!   No, no, no, no, no.    Not here.   But up home in Indiana this is the first snow storm to hit since we moved here.  They are really getting the slippery, freezing stuff that will probably put schools on a two hour delay tomorrow.  The weather here?  Well, it is cold according to Floridians.   It is 48 degrees at 8:15 pm and the only white stuff is the sand.

Today I took Kacey down to the Santa Rosa Sound at the end of our subdivision.   It is a nice, short walk and so pretty but we drove.  I would of had to carry her home otherwise.    The area there is a shallow beach line with lots of wildlife.
You can see an old boat sunk out a ways. The tiny buildings across the sound are condos on the island.  I didn't see crabs and such.  Maybe during the winter months you don't see them so much.
This is a quick shot of the tall pine trees against the late afternoon sun. 
As soon as we get in the car, Kacey settles in on the driver's seat.   "No Kacey, I do all the driving!"  I swear, if she could drive, she would.
Well, back to snow in Indiana.  I so remember getting up and needing to leave the house by 6:30 am but worried that there would be too much snow in the driveway.  By the time I got home at 4:00, it had frozen to the cement and was difficult to remove without me falling on my behind.   And of course, the snow blower would not start.  Ron would come over and it would start for him.  UGH!!!!  But then he would end up doing the driveway with me helping with a shovel.  Many, many days were like this in Indiana winters.  Dad is so happy to be here - no more snow.  He used to help out neighbors besides doing his own driveway.  They are going to miss him this winter.  I think many of us up north think snow is pretty until December 26 and then it is a pain.

Just a reminder to my friends and family, spring tulips will pop their heads up - eventually - and the grass will again grow a beautiful dark green.  (These tulips were planted for me by my friend Kelly when I was on crutches.)  Gee , do tulips even grow in Florida?  Keep warm all.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Kathy's Visit

First visitor of the year is one of my oldest friends, Kathy Cox.   Kathy and I met the first day of my teaching career at George Earle.  Since then we have been great friends.  Terry (her husband) and Kathy retired a few years prior to me and live right on the Gulf of Mexico in Clearwater Beach.  What a life - watching the dolpins while eating breakfast!  So Kathy made the 7-8 hour drive here to spend a couple of days.   We had so much fun!
This picture is taken on Navarre Beach.  Now, there is a story about this.  Kathy demanded, yes demanded, shelling lessons from the expert sheller - Professor Sheller Ronnie Kaiser (my dad).  So there they went out in the gulf looking for shells with the proper equipment.   That is another story in itself.  She was soaked.  But very happy and successful and ready to share her knowledge with others.

This cage is one of my dad's secrets of successful shelling.   Book to be released soon.

While they were in the semi-cold water I was dry and warm on shore trying to decided, "Do I need a new pedicure?"  hmmmmmmm......
Kathy stayed until Sunday morning and after she left it seemed too quiet and I felt so bad for her since she had the long drive home.  She is a sweetheart and I love her lots!  

When Kacey woke up that morning, she looked so sad that Kathy had gone.   She misses you Kathy!
Later that day we went to lunch at the Marina Oyster Barn in Pensacola on Bayou Blvd.   This is the type of restaurant the locals go to - the food is yum, yum, yum!  I got the tuna steak, cheese grits, and of course, hush puppies.  All under ten dollars.

This is a great meal fit for a southern girl!  Hey, that's me!  By the way, I am really a true local.  I now have a Florida driver's license, insurance, Florida plates, and my Gulf Breeze library card!  But really, I can claim more than that since I was born in Pensacola.   Dad was stationed at the Naval base so the beach is in my blood. And yes, I am a Hoosier. 
This is a picture of the dog park - part of Gulf Breeze's Shoreline Park.  We registered Kacey at the police station.  (No, she does not have a record.  Not yet.)  Now she is allowed to use the dog park.   Today was our first trip there.  Look at the beautiful spanish moss.  Kacey loved it.   We'll be going back and back.

Well, I did say she doesn't have a record but if she keeps driving without a license, you will probably see her mug face at the post office.  (Or is that pug face.)   Take care all.....going to get chilly here over the week-end and downright cold in Hobart.  Keep warm!