Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Thursday, February 2, 2017

DVC & Polynesian

That is what they say to you when you arrive at Disney World and belong to the Disney Vacation Club.   We spent most of last week at Disney World and stayed at our home resort -The Polynesian!
We could NEVER afford the Polynesian without our DVC membership.  It allows us to go twice a year and stay in a top resort on the monorail.     If you stay in a monorail resort, you can jump on and ride directly to the Magic Kingdom  OR  ride to the ticket and transportation center and ride a monorail to Epcot.  

We enjoyed time in Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.  The Beauty and the Beast show is my favorite at the Studios.

Mom usually is on her scooter and they set us up in the first row.   What a view!   The singing and acting is wonderful!

It is interesting getting to the Polynesian Resort.  You go through the Magic Kingdom gates (to the left) and announce you are heading to the Poly.  They will happily send you on your way.    When you arrive you are treated like, well,  like a princess!  It is beautiful with all the plants and gas torches.  Waterfalls and ponds surround you.  In you go to the lobby and a lei will be placed around your neck.   

I believe the room is the largest of DVC rooms throughout Disney World.  It will sleep 5.  

The Disney Bungalows are on the water and sleep 8.  But the points needed!!  WOW!!  It might world out for 2 families to share.

The rooms we stay in have 2 bathrooms.   One has a sink and a shower with the rain shower head.  Oh my goodness!  I have to remind myself that water is expensive!

This cabinet opens up into a single bed.   Best for children. 

Some great reasons to stay at the Polynesian:
  • On the monorail.
  • Restaurant Kona Cafe is upstairs.
  • Ohana's is a popular restaurant upstairs.
  • Pools are easy to get to and wonderfully fun to use.
  • Tikki gas torches are wonderful at night to create a tropical mood.
  • You can see the Castle across the water and watch the fireworks.
  • The evening light boat parade goes right past the Polynesian.
  • One of two places that you can purchase the famous Disney World Pineapple Dole Whip ice cream.
  • You also can take a boat to the Magic Kingdom.

We love going to Disney and still have not seen everything so each time we go we like to add a few new things to our agenda.

Other than that, all is great here.  The weather is sunny in the upper 70's.  Can't use the pool yet because the water is too cold.   Dad is making a table for Mom to keep items next to the bed.  She wanted a couple drawers in it so he is out in the garage - either building or chatting to the many people that stop by.
Take care!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Let's See If This Works

ALL RIGHT!   I did get a picture up.  But I have over 1000 on my IPad and it will only let me upload about 30% of them.  I am so confused!
So it is January 8, 2017 and may I actually say it is COLD here.  It was 27 degrees this morning and the banana plants have had it.   They will shoot up in the spring.  I had actually gave up on my blogs because nothing would really work and I was so frustrated with the whole set up.  
We have had a wonderful holiday season from Thanksgiving to New years.

So this is what I am thinking.  I have so many pictures throughout the year that I am not going to chronologically.   I will upload a picture and explain.  

Mom and Dad........Our neighbors had a day long picnic/party at Navarre Beach for the whole neighborhood.   Great food and friends.  So fun.   Thanks Cheryl and Lester!

Kip and John.........They moved into Nicole and Lamont's house after the air force moved Lamont to Tampa.  I was so sad to loose them but love Kip and John!  We have had dinners together and went to the Trolley Christmas Festival in Pensacola together also.  They LOVE their dogs!

Stuffed Pumpkins........Mom and I made these stuffed decorative pumpkins for everyone (the women) at Thanksgiving.  They were so easy to sew up and stuff.  I think they were appreciated by all my cousins.

Cousins........We had many cousins and cousins for Thanksgiving.  Our tradition is to eat at Hemingway's on Wednesday night and then everyone spent the day eating turkey on Thanksgiving day.  States represented were Oregon, Texas, Georgia, Minnesota, Florida, and Indiana.  I love my family!!!

Disney Castle.......This was such a treat for me.  We were at Disney World January, 2016 and Christmas decorations were still up.   I have never been there during Christmas time and I was in Disney heaven!  Amazingly beautiful....

Blue Angels.......How often do I get to see them?  All the time!   They fly over our house and when I am driving down 98 to Walmart it is not unusual to see them practicing.  When they come home Sunday evenings after shows throughout the country - they always fly down the length of the beach to say hello.  Blue Angels are loved in Pensacola!

Disney Vacation Club ......... Best decision I made!   We have now had 4 visits to Disney through the DVC and if I was not a member, it would of been priced approx. $500 at night.  We have been there 13 nights total.   Do the math.

 Kacey and her travels.........Stopped to see Tony, our financial advisor in Carmel, Indiana on the way to see Ronnie.  Kacey was welcomed to the meeting.  After all, she spends enough of the money for her medical bills.

Pool........Love the pool.  I love the pool.   Just love the pool.   Enough said.

Bill and Sue..........Sometimes neighbors hardly speak but in our neighborhood, we all know each other and sometimes party together.   Bill is the neighborhood king.   He knows all!  And in all seriousness, he has helped us out so many times that we can not thank him enough.   Love you two!!!

Bubba Watson ........... famous golfer and loves Pensacola.  He is here a lot and puts money into different businesses like the baseball park and opened an ice cream parlor on Paxafox street.  (A bit pricey though.)

C Pap machine........Yes I now have one.  I wasn't thrilled but it is great controlling an AFIB heart.  But after the first night, my gosh!!!!   I noticed a big difference.  Not tired during the day, no more snoring, and I have never gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom since I have been using it.  (6 months)   I have woken up with the tube wrapped around my neck a few times.   I think it is trying to kill me.

AC-130 Gunship.........This picture does not do justice to the incredible gunship model that Dad made for Lamont.   He worked months on this and it now sits in Lamont's office.  It is beautiful.

My beach.......yes, I do think of it as my beach.   I think that is how everyone feels that lives here.

Me...........I think this is Cheeseburger in Paradise in Destin.

Dave and I........In case you don't know who this is - he is my big brother Dave.  He will be moving here in 7 months.   Retirement is great!   I have his first 4 months planned out with activities. other brother.  He and I went to Disney in September and he had a blast.   Stayed at the Polynesian so he is going to get spoiled quickly.   Ron had not been to Disney since before Epcot was built.  He is SO lucky to have me for a sister.  He-He

Well,  this was a good start to pictures from 2016.  It was a great year and I am expecting the same in 2017.  We are off now to exchange 2 Christmas gifts.   We waited for NO CROWDS.   Then Olive Garden.   Take care and keep warm!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Where did the time go?????

Hi All!  
I could not get the pictures to upload for a long time and then I lost interest.  But I am back today so let's see what I can get accomplished.

Ok....... So far, so good.  It uploaded the picture of the Pensacola Naval Base Lighthouse.  Cool!
Now let's see if this is going to upload to the blog on the internet.  
       AND HERE WE GO............

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Disney World #3 - and more

At Disney World we enjoy the parks, the beauty, the happy cast members, and the quality of entertainment.   We also enjoy the restaurants throughout the parks and in the individual resorts.  Food is great - but pricey - and atmosphere is incredible!  Who knows, you might just see Mickey or Donald!

Relaxing in a restaurant  after a long afternoon of fun.

Rainforest Cafe in Animal Kingdom.

One of our favorite shows, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  Because Mom is considered handicap, we sit right in front and have a wonderful view.

Very talented singers.

The colors at Disney are so vivid!   Of course, that is what Disney is known for - COLOR!

Mot of you know this guy......

And that guy.

Dinner in 50's Prime Time Cafe.   Reminds us of Grandma Kaiser's kitchen.

Mom's new jacket purchased in the Magic Kingdom.  It is warm and ever so cute!

And a Disney Vacation Club cap for Dad. 

Another great reason to stay at the Polynesian......when you walk out the back lobby door, there is the DOLE WHIP STAND!    This is a favorite of many at Disney World.  If you like pineapple, you will love the vanilla-pineapple swirl.  

You can get Dole Whip t-shirts.

I do believe this sign!

Do they look tired?  Don't feel sorry for them.   I suggested we go back to the room for a couple hours.  Dad's response......"I am on vacation!   Let's get to the next park."   Well, OK!!!

It is time to get packing and head home.  But they take great care of us by getting our car and luggage and loading us up.  They even took us on a final tour of the Polynesian grounds on the large golf cart.

We have picked up a Kacey.  It is raining when we left.   Beautiful while we were there.    That is the Disney way.

 The castle is beautiful at day and especially beautiful at night.   It beckons you into the park and as you leave, you keep turning around to see the night beauty.

Our next trip for now is scheduled in September.  At this point when we go, we pay our gas to Disney World (Prius) and food.  We have annual passes and Disney Vacation Club.

I don't know if this video will work.  Let's try it!   Take care and keep warm up north.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Disney part 2

Two nights I began writing about our Disney vacation last week and I am settled at 10:20 to blog some more.  I did have a busy day with errands this morning, the doctor's appointment, and a trip to Pensacola Cordova Mall to pick up an order.
I've said this before - as do most retired people - HOW DID I HAVE TIME TO WORK?


We ate lunch at The Plaza - the end of main street in the Magic Kingdom.  You get lots of food for a good price.  (Mom and I shared a Plaza Club and had plenty to eat.)  Get reservations!

Dad loves his chocolate shakes.

On the monorail, and again, Mom is cold but everyone else is comfy.  

In the Floridian listening to an incredible dance band. Oh my gosh, the intonation and balance was superb.  

Here is the band in the balcony.  They have bands/orchestras every day.  It is a pleasure to enjoy this fine music while relaxing your tired feet.

I had read, IF you asked - and IF you were lucky - and IF they have any left you could get the DVC slider for free for your Magic Bands.  They secure the band so that it will not drop off.  In case you are not a Disney World visitor you may not realize that everyone now gets a Magic Band in the choice of your favorite color.  There is an electronic chip that opens your room door, lets parks recognize you park ticket, and it can also charge on your chosen credit card - if you wish.

Tikki Birds - I think.

Waiting for the African Safari.  That was wonderful.  We enjoyed it so much and that is amazing since we live next to a zoo and see animals all the time. 

I will tell you, not only do these look like the real safari trucks but that bounce and bump like them too.  

Just a few shots from the safari.   White rhino.   We see these in our zoo.  (No they are not white.)

We do not have elephants here at the Gulf Breeze Zoo and they have quite a few.  They are so beautiful and all the space in the world to roam.

Termite mounds.  No thank you.

We had to stop and wait while several giraffes crossed the road.   Slowly.  Very slowly.   No hurry at all!

Next is the show FLIGHTS OF WONDER.  It is all about birds and they are trained to fly certain routes but are not asked to do silly things like riding bikes, etc.....    The show is so respectful of the animals and wanting us to respect their needs.   Bald Eagle - one very beautiful bird.

The owl flew over us and I could feel the air move from his wings.
Now, the show was about a travel guide that is afraid of birds.  Of course, by the end of the show she absolutely loves the birds.  But she pretends to get frightened during the show and run off the stage.  Whose lap does she end up in?  Yep!  My Dad!

This was so cute and funny.  Mom loved it!

Are we tired and done with our Disney Blog????  NO!   I have part three to put together yet.  

These two might look tired but we are just resting up for our next park.  


Yes, I absolutely love Disney World and Mom and Dad have a great time.  They are 81 and 82 years old and are all over the parks.  And I do know some people don't get it but there are thousands and thousands and thousands  of us out these that believe what Walt started is magical!   We met people from many different countries that flew here just to spend two weeks at Disney World.
So, now with our DVC, we will be back in September.  I can't wait!
It is getting late - and as they say at the Polynesian....ALOHA!