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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pool Post #5

I am posting lots of pictures because my brothers in Indiana are interested in the process. So here we go!

Sand being delivered.

Braces are set in cement yesterday.  Some of the sand/mud slide back into the whole during the rain last night.  They threw it back out this morning.

The pad that was poured yesterday for the pump and electrical equipment.

A view of the pool from the other side by the shed.

This is the pump that keeps pumping ground water out during the process.

Another view of the north side of the pool

There is that man that thinks he is boss. Silly guy.

West side of pool.

Worker standing in deep end of pool.

Grass out front is not bad but a cement truck will have to return to do cement around the pool.

Cement truck damaged sidewalk.  Oh well.

In two days water will be in this pool.  I better go buy my  air mattresses.

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  1. WOW! This looks terrific. What's next? A pool cage?:)