Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Post #8 Pool

It is Saturday morning and, yes, they are out there working.  Hope the neighbors were not planning on sleeping in this morning.

Last night about 9:00.  Water will be running all night.

At night.

Just getting to the steps in the shallow end.

Dad  overlooking pool.   See how close the pool is to the house? 

More night shots.

Me in ankle deep water.

Again me.

Me one more time.

Here comes Tom, one of the pool workers. to turn off the machines that are sucking air out from behind the liner.

It is morning and look at the level of water now.

Here comes the backhoe to get ride of excess dirt.

Mountains of dirt are gone.

So pretty!  That's it for now.   More later today!

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