Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, January 20, 2013

What's UP With Blogger

Well, I am frustrated!   Three weeks ago I wanted to update my blog with post-Christmas pictures and thoughts.   Well, it would not upload pictures and still won't.   This is a problem for many bloggers I found out when I googled my problem.   The site managers said they know about it and will be fixing it but COME ONE ALREADY!!!!!   Three weeks are enough.

So I thought I would just let you all know what we are doing without pictures.   Great Christmas was had by all with Ron, Dave, and Sage here for a whole week.   It was so sad to have them leave.  Dad has been making some projects in the wood shop.   Lamont, our neighbor,  is an officer in the air force and has these medallions(?) that they collect and share with  others.  Dad made him a beautiful holder to display some of them on his desk.   I know he loved it.   Now Dad is making napkin rings for Mom and I.   I saw some in the Pier One advertisement and love them.  So........Dad, can you make them?   SURE!   They are so classy. 

We have a neighbor that we enjoy, Karol and her 6 year old, Ethan.   I have been giving Ethan piano lessons and they often stay for dinner.   He is a trip!   Energy - unbelievable!  He just loves Mr. Ron who plays with him after piano lessons.  

In a week Mom, Dad, Kacey, and I are going to Disney World.  Sandy is meeting us there.  We have reservations in a townhouse that is beautiful right off of Disney Property.  First day we are going to Disney Village, 2nd day to Epcot, third day resort hop, and fourth day home again.   It should be about 80 degrees while we are there.  I can't wait!  We are going to eat at Kona Cafe for lunch one Thursday

It is mardi gras time down here and the parades and celebrations are beginning.   I made a mardi gras wreath for our front door and it is festive! 

Other activities have been:
..beach shelling
..lunch several times with Nicole
..saw replicas of the Nina and Pinta at the Pensacola Port.  I would not want to be on those ships. lessons on Monday to wonderful kids.  Solo and Ensemble coming up. our new Keurig machine for coffee and hot chocolate.
..Kacey learned how to unzip her kennel.   That is not good!
..seen a few movies lately.  We have a perfect movie theater here that has comfy seats and stadium seating so that you don't have a head in front of you blocking the screen.

Let me see if I can add a picture.......NOPE.   I see some people can and some can't.   If it doesn't get fixed soon, I will have to find another site to do my blog.

So, happy MLK Day to all and have a great three day weekend if you are lucky enough to have Monday off.   Oh, and have a magical day!   -----Peggy