Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Monday, September 28, 2015


Almost all my pictures have to do with the #10 (just a few don't).  We will begin with the Taste of Pensacola.  I have been there 3 out of four times since our move.  There is also a Taste of Pensacola Beach which is great but I enjoy Taste of Pensacola much more.  They have craft and art tents that are all beautifully made and expensive.  Music - live music - including the Pensacola Orchestra.  And the food --every type of fried seafood you could want.   But since it is held in September, it is hot and humid.  Here is a disappointing aspect.  Parking all around the fair was $5.00 and it has all moved up to $10.  Oh, this festival is held in Seville Square which is located in historic Pensacola.

Scale in Points 1- 10
 1 = very poor
10 = Superb
Entertainment     9
Organization       10
Food                  10
Parking               5
 Price of food        8

The next pictures will pertain to a house fire down the street from us.  Just 10 months after the house fire next door.    Some friends down the street lost over $80,000. in their home due to a fire in the middle of the afternoon.  You can see from the smoke that everything just wreaks of the smokey fire fumes.  They will be able to rebuild and save some items in the house.  

My next ten is a Pinterest project that I made for under $10.  A very pretty table runner for the dinning room table for little cost.   I bought a roll of burlap from Walmart and was so happy to see that the sides were stitched so that it would not ravel.  ($4.99)
I also picked up a $3.00 roll of ribbon that had autumn leaves stamped on it in the color that I needed to go along with the dinning room chairs. You want ribbon with the wire so you can easily shape the bow.    Cut the burlap to the length you need, and tie the bow.

At Christmas time, I can remove the fall bows and add Christmas bows.  How easy is that?  I love all the burlap craft possibilities on Pinterest......some even I can make.

And I love these last pictures.  We got 10 - yes 10 inches of rain today.   No kidding!!  Kacey was holding it......she does not like to get her tootsies wet, the little diva!  Finally Dad said, that is it!  He Put on his rain gear and Kacey was dressed in her rain coat.   Now, the funny thing is she has worn this throughout the years when the rain would not stop and she seems fine with it.  It was raining in these pictures and without the raincoat, she would of wanted right back into the house.
But I love the picture.  These two are great buddies.

Because of the continuous rain it has been a quiet day.  The type of day that you don't feel guilty not doing anything......I think I would give it a 10!

Thursday, September 24, 2015


What's new in my life?  I am excited that I recently  purchased into the Disney Vacation Club!   I spent a full week of study of all the good reasons and bad reasons to do so  --  Called Tony, our investment counselor 4 times to discuss this financial move  -- and called  the DVC representative assigned to me at least 15 times.

In my case, it is a good investment that will pay for itself in approximately 8 years.  It allows us to stay in better Disney lodging and to utilize the monorail for transportation.  Believe me, I have studied and studied this investment.    I LOVE going to Disney World and have been there over 20 times in my life even though I lived in Indiana.  Mom and Dad have enjoyed our Disney trips since we have moved to Florida.

Our home resort is the Polynesian.  Having the opportunity to be in a resort on the monorail is important as we all get older.  And who doesn't love the Polynesian!!!

We have so many points to use a year.  Of course, DVC units are less points at times that are not crowded - and that is the only time we are willing to go!  So for this year, we have reservations at Animal Kingdom for a short trip in December and in January we will be at the Polynesian.  I have never been to Disney during Christmas season with all the decorations!   I can't wait!

Last week on the 17th was my birthday!  It was a wonderful day, especially dinner.  Mom, Dad, my friend Nicole, and I went to Hemingways for dinner.  We sat outside and watched the swimmers and boaters on the sound.  Birthdays are so fun!

One quick project yesterday morning.   One roll of burlap and fall ribbon.   So cute  and only costs $6.00 total to put together.  Thank you Pinterest.

Getting toward the end of September.  I still can enjoy the pool but when the nights start cooling off into the 60's, the pool will begin to cool down.  Boo!!  We have enjoyed the pool this summer.  I have been in it almost every day.  Now that is a good investment!

Mom is floating around and soaking up that sun.  Dad and Kacey are having a conversation and yes, they have many conversations.

I'll leave with a picture of a September afternoon on the beach.  In the upper 80's each day and still humid. Just how you expect Florida to be in September.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Visits from family

Fun on Pensacola Beach and Gulf Breeze with my family!

My brothers came in last week on Saturday and Dave stayed until Tuesday - then flew home.   Ron was here for the week.   We had so, so much fun.   We probably got to Pensacola Beach almost each day, swam in the pool, shopped, went to Destin, and generally enjoyed our whole family being together.

  It looks a bit cloudy but the sun eventually came out.   Mom is happy to have her boys here.

A few days before they arrived, we drove to Fort Pickens.  They love to look across at the Navy Bass. After all, that is where they began their married life together.

Fishermen and fisher women on the Fort Pickens pier.

I added this just because I love this saying.  And I live it.

Mom and Ron at Casino Bar and Grill.

This is a typical face my brother makes when he listens to me talk.  Silly guy!

Me and him  -  or him and me.

Colors of the beach are fantastic.

Ron and I stopped at the Fish Bowl in Destin for lunch.  The eating area is separate but right next to the bowling ally.  Look at those ball returns. This is in conjunction with Bass Pro Shop,  New so those that were not here in the last several months have not had the opportunity to enjoy this.

The concept is that you are in a fishbowl.  So the fish are above you.

Even the lanes look like water.

Ron and I went to Bands on the Beach.   Lots of people danced - some better than others.

Starting to get dark and the band is beginning.

Great smile Mom.  Dad, that is not quite a smile.   We will work on it.

Must have a Bushwacker when at the beach.

These two are so different and yet so alike.  But they love the beach.

As always, once everyone is gone it is just too quiet the next day but then things get back to normal.  Today we went shopping for my birthday - that was fun, fun, fun!    I have been reading about areas close to Tampa that you can see the manatees.  We occasionally have them here but not often.  I never visited Weeki Wache and they have many.  I hope to put that on my list of things to do this winter.  I have been to Cypress Gardens years ago.  So pretty and enjoyed the ski show.  Now it is Lego Land but they still incorporate some of the Cypress Gardens.
We have been so busy that I have a mental list of things to get done and this list is getting bigger every day.  I have one lesson to give tomorrow and the rest of the day I can get some of this done, I hope.  
While driving over the the 3 mile bridge to Pensacola today, I look to my left and there are the Blue Angels.  This is not a normal practice time but a young man from the base was killed in Afghanistan and so there was a long procession from Fort Walton to Pensacola for him.   I am almost sure they we flying in honor of him.  Living by several bases, you are much more aware of the sacrifice those in the military give to their country.
In Indiana this time of the year is considered fall but here it is just a continuation of summer.  I love it!    No matter where you live - enjoy!