Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Decision Pool #1

The Decision.    Lot of thought - planning - discussing - worrying.   Then I decided NO.   A couple of days later a repeat of the above.   Then an absolute NO!

So I went back to enjoying the pelicans, the beach,  and all the normal gulf coast treasurers.
But then there is was.   The neighbor was having a pool put in their backyard.  So again the process started but finally I decided I could afford it.   Actually I spoke to Tony, our financial advisor, FIVE times and he said go for it!!
 This is what the pool will look like when finished except the paving around the edge will not be there.  Three feet by the stairs and six feet on the far side.  I have studied pools until I have soaked up (sorry about the pun) all the information I could.

The orange pain is the outline of the pool.
The pool will come up within 6 feet of the patio.  Cement will surround the pool and some areas the cement will be large enough to set chairs and table.
Steps into pool.

Our wonderful neighbor Kray pretending to start digging the whole.

 Dad taking a break after he and Kray spent the morning cutting down hedges where the back fence will go.

As the pool is being built, I am going to blog the process.   It will be exciting for us to watch    See you in a couple of days!

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