Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Auto Insurance

I finished off looking for new auto insurance today since it was a bit cloudy because the weather for the rest of the week and weekend looks like this:


A few weeks ago I got my Auto renewal info from State Farm.   It went up.  Why??  I had no claims - ever since I have had State Farm.  So I called and they said it went up all over Florida.  I don't know if they meant State Farm's rates or all insurance companies.  UGH!!
So I put it aside for a few weeks and decided yesterday to check out rates with other companies and see if I should stay where I am or change.  I got 6 companies that I checked rates with and came up with one that was definitely the best for me.  That is now taken care of - you know, one of those jobs you hate doing but must be done.

Then I went to BEALLS.   If you don't live in Florida, you are missing a great southern style store.  But you don't need to miss it.   Look at their website and you will be amazed at their clothing and prices.  They carry Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, capris, and shorts much cheaper than full price.  I sound like an advertisement but I love this store!


I am SO proud of Dad.   We have a friend that recently lost his wife and he has some major health issues.  So much so that he can't drive.   Dad has been taking him to doctor appointments when his daughter can't do so.   So off he goes in the morning to take Robert to Gulf Breeze Hospital and then golfing in the afternoon.   He is a busy guy!

I have had several friends ask me if they have torn down the house that burned down last November.
NO!   Here is part of the house - it all looks like this and trash from it blows into our yard and pool.   It is very upsetting.   We just had a thunderstorm 3 days ago and more of the roof came down in the driveway.  Look at the chimney.   That is scary for the neighbor on the other side.  Glass is everywhere.  In case you are wondering, I have made probably 40 phone calls to the county, the commissioner, and more.  The more I think of the danger that Dad and I were in that night, the angrier I get about the whole situation.  I'll never forget the heat and the height of the flames while were hosing down our house.  It took me at least two weeks before I could go out in our backyard at night after this happened.  The house was just too terrifying.  What if my 81 year old Father could not stood that heat or what if our house burnt down.  The what if's still haunt me.  Hopefully before we have some other strong winds it will be gone - but I am not going to bet on it.  
(WOW!  I wrote more on that than I had planned!   I just started typing and out it came.)

Alright, I am feeling better now.   :)     I picked up two hibiscus and planted in the back.   That is such a happy plant and each day offers new flowers to enjoy.   Hope you enjoy!

Let's add a canna.  They will bloom from now until early November.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Something old , something new

Something Old......
Saturday we went to the Pensacola symphony orchestra concert in a Saenger Hall.  For every evening concert that you can buy tickets for - and they are not cheap, you can attend an afternoon run through called The Blue Jean concert for five dollars. I love it and try to make everyone that I can.  I have heard some great soloist and the orchestra is a joy to hear.   Saturday's concert featured the orchestra, of course, and also the pipe organ that has been refurbished.   The organ was originally purchased for the theater when it opened in 1925. It is decorated in a Spanish Baroque style.  The picture below shows how ornate the design is on the organ. The concert was great and I have enjoyed reading up on the history of the theater and the organ. As I listened to the organist warming up, I could imagine in the late 1920s the organ being used to accompany movies.  In the early 1990's it began to have problems - notes would hang on too long.  Then the hurricanes hit and the water got to the pipes and caused damage.  So the organ was used no longer.  But money was found to refurbish the organ and pipes and it is welcomed back to Saenger.

  Here is a picture of the organ.........         

Waiting for the concert to begin. 
 (Don't tell but I purchased a brownie at the bakery next door and hid it is my purse.    We sneakily ate it while we waited.  I looked around for the "brownie police" be saw none.)

The sate is beautiful with wonderful sound qualities.

I have seen other large pipe organs. I used to love to listen to the one at Indiana University when I attended summer camp there for two years. Also, I got my Masters degree at Valparaiso University and they also have a large pipe organ.

Well that was something old and now on to 
Something new.....

On the way home from having pizza Sunday evening we were discussing the fact that out of six tables with families waiting for their food, each of those tables had at least two people looking at their phones.  Now that is not unusual. After all I do that myself sometimes. But we started to talk about technology and how it has changed everything. I love the computer, the IPhone, and IPad.  I wish I could be around in 50 years to see what is new. What will people be looking at for entertainment when waiting for their pizza?  Of  course, in technology new is only "new" for a very short time.
I started this last night but just finished it after lunch today.  It is raining.   I guess April is the rain month in the panhandle south.  Errands are on my agenda for this afternoon.......Dancing With The Stars is on tonight.   Will Derek dance...probably not.  
Bye for now!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cactus Garden

Not a day goes by without me saying thank you for all that we have and enjoy.   Of course, each other comes first and then our friends in Indiana and our new friends here.

But the beauty of this area is certainly not lost on our family.  Today is sunny and 80 degrees and the pool is cool but enjoyable.  (Hey, the day will come that I think it is too warm.)  The last three days Dad and I have worked on the cactus garden.  It does not seem like a lot of work but the trips to Lowes adds to the work time.   Dad has seemed to enjoy seeing cactus around Gulf Breeze and has been given a couple from neighbors.  Our favorite pottery shop was going out of business so we purchased a metal "artistic cactus" for 1/5 of the price.   This project is a project that was done right and will last a long, long time.  I do need to put another coat of Rustoleum paint on the yellow cactus.

I added a geranium that reminds me so much of Indiana and a hibiscus.

Picking up 8 foot landscaping timbers (for the third time.)  Hold on to them Mom and don't let them slide.

A year ago I bought a Prius V.   It is larger and offers more space to tote items around.

That is is for now.......have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thank you! Two days of sun!

WOW!  Two days in a row of beautiful, bright sunshine!  Tomorrow we go back to partly cloudy with chance of showers but everything here is so green and beautiful because of all the rain.  I made this door hanging for Spring a year ago, (thank you Pinterest) and it has been perfect for this spring.   April showers bring May flowers........

We have this bush next to the mailbox and look at it flower!  It does this clear through the end of October.   Just needs a bit of fertilizer every now and then.

I love these!   They flower all spring, summer, and fall but the best part is that the green leaves do not die off in the winter  ---even during a frost.  

Dad took a neighbor of ours to the doctor in Pensacola yesterday.   Mom and I went to Front Porch for lunch.  This is a locals place across the street from the sound in Navarre.  Sandwiches, beer and such.  You can see the water and the condos on the island.   

Like I mentioned, Dad has been helping out Robert.  Goodness, he is having a hard time.  His wife passed away a few weeks ago and he has extreme back pain.   So much so that he can't walk without a walker and can't drive.  Dad is a good guy for helping out.  We all need help at times, don't we.

New dog food for Kacey.  Called Taste of the Wild.  This is for a grain free diet.  Who knows what she is allergic to - grain, grass, or anything else she comes in contact with but I have noticed an improvement with much less itching since on this food.   AND SHE LOVES IT!  It has Bison and Venison. Yummy.  It also is not too expensive. I had thought about going to BLUE but that is pricey.  Kacey's dinner should not cost more than mine.   Right?  The little diva...........
(Sorry it is sideways.)

Saturday night Dad and I went to a dance competition at Saenger Theater.  One of my lesson students is involved in DANCE MOMS.........  lots of competitions.   Lots.   Dad and I especially wanted to see this one because Jordan's dance was about pricking her finger on a spinning wheel and falling to sleep.   When she touched the needle, a light flashes and down she goes.  Guess who made the spinning wheel - YES, Dad.  It was great.  
Then Hannah danced and also did a great job.   Talented young ladies.

Saying goodbye with a selfie.   I am going to run out to Subway and then Dad and I are going to work on our cactus garden.   Have a great day.

Some other news....
My aunt Sandy fell in a nursery while shopping (plant nursery) and broke her arm the other day.  My goodness, how life changes so quickly.  So she is stuck at home right now (home is Atlanta) and taking pain meds.  We talk every day and her daughter Robin is taking good care of her Mom.  Take care Sandy and we love, love, love you!   You too Robin!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kind of busy.....

Rained yesterday, actually just a bit.  Poured the day before, the day before that and the day before that.  It is supposed to rain today, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.   I am so ready to see some sunshine.  But you can tell the plants and grass love it!  Everything is growing so fast.  I am going to put up a smorgasbord of pictures today  There is no particular theme so here I go.

Another Day In Paradise Is WET!

We go to the Central Waterside Church on Pensacola Beach.  Some days it is perfect weather, some days too hot and some cool.  But it is a great place to worship.  (Just watch out for a seagull pooping on your head.)

These little guys are out and I love them along with the green wood frogs that like to hang on the glass windows and croak.  Loudly.   And I mean loudly!

Graffiti Bridge
Pensacola, right past the three mile bridge, has a railroad bridge that it is NOT against the law to paint graffiti.   Know if you do it will be painted over by something new within 24 hours.  But for Easter an artist painted this artwork of Jesus.   It was beautiful.  We drove over to see it along with many other people.  

Mom in front of Graffiti Bridge.
A lady had taken pictures every day for a full year and published a book with the daily changes of the bridge.  

We went to see the Pensacola Blues Brothers on the beach.   Every Tuesday night there is a free concert on the beach.  People bring food, wine, and drinks to enjoy during the concert with their friends.  The Blues Brothers was the first of the season (which will now run through October).    They were great!

This water tower is the main icon of Pensacola Beach.  It is no longer used as a water tower.  Known as the beach ball.....people here love it!

A new restaurant on the beach is the Pensacola Beach Bar and Grill.   I have been there twice....once with my family and once with my friends from Indiana, the Stoelbs.   This restaurant is at the front of the Pensacola fishing pier on Casino Beach and is wonderful!   The food is great and at a good price.  There are different areas of seating and I can't wait to go at night with the lighting.  I plan on taking my IPAD one day and enjoy the view with a cold beer.  

The back splash if finished and is beautiful.  It adds a punch of color to the kitchen and Jamie did a quality job for us.  

Yes, an electric stove.  I am not thrilled with an electric over gas but everything is electric here.  I am getting used to cooking on it and pretty much have found the trick to choosing which temperature to cook different items.  And if I burn something, I can always blame the stove.

Eric, Lisa, Lilly and Eli stopped by for a day.  Eric and I taught together at Hobart.  He is an incredible teacher...and I do mean incredible!  I could go on and on but I don't want to embarrass him.  Lisa is an assistant principal and Lilly and Eli are so fun!    We saw the Blue Angels, Fort Pickens, ate at the Pensacola Beach Bar and Grill, and went in our pool - cold as it was.

As we walked through the fort, Lilly read from the fort pamphlet so that we knew the history of each area.  Eli wanted to hear about the ghost dog.  (We made sure he knew it was a made-up story).

 The rest of these are some quick pictures I still had on my phone.
This is my Grandpa Kaiser (to the left) and my cousin's Grandpa Thomas.  They were the best of their generation.  This picture is at soap box derby - I think.   My uncle, cousin, and brother were all involved and the Grandpa's were part of the brain work.

Wish I could buy these for my brothers.

Every year the manatees go to warmer areas.  They are wonderful and I would love to drive down and see them.

Pensacola is the home base of the Blue Angles.  We see them often - once right over our pool in formation.
And I will end with a picture of my Kacey.  She is doing great and runs the household.  Yes, she is a princess, diva, queen all wrapped up into one little pug.

Everyone here is doing great.  I have been on the phone often pushing to get the house next door torn down.  The county is trying to work through the paper work on it.  It is miserable for us not only because of the looks (which is hideous) but the smell and the fact that strong winds blow bits and piece into our yard, house, and pool.   It is a very discouraging. At night, it looks like a real haunted house sitting there.   Ugh!!!!
That's it for isn't raining so I am going shopping!
Take care y'all!