Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Florida Fresh Seafood

We stopped in at one of my favorite  places - Joe Patti's Seafood in Pensacola.   This is always an experience since they have all the fresh seafood you could ever want.
Today I picked up some fresh shrimp at $6.37 a pound and had it steamed, a pound of salmon at $10.00 pound (more than enough for three people), and my favorite - the crab cheese dip made fresh that day.  Yummy...

If you move to Florida and you like/love seafood, the gulf coast is the place to be!  Also included in Joe Patti's is a wine store, cheese counter, specialty breads and spreads - watch out for the garlic since it really has a kick.  Don't forget to browse through the specialty olives, olive oils,  spices.   Did I mention the crab legs, and that they have a sushi bar?  You gotta go to Joe Patti's ya'all!

I apologize for the picture quality but her is the grilled salmon.  So good and so easy. Just perfection.    Of course, let's give the man who grilled the salmon some credit.   Ok Dad?

The grilled sausage gives a wonderful spicy taste to the meal.

And cold steamed shrimp tops off the meal.    What a Florida meal to enjoy!
Today was a normal day for us even though Andrea was moving across Florida.   All we have experienced is the big waves.  It is a double red flag day on the beach.   That means only surfers allowed in the water and one man went into the water and received a ticket for $115.   He was angry.  REALLY --REALLY?!
Because you want to do something stupid some lifeguard must put his life at risk to save you?
People make me mad when they will no follow rules/laws and expect others to save them.
Ok, that is my lecture for the day.
Kathy and Terry in Tampa had a windy, rainy day though.    That is ok, they hardly ever use an umbrella except when at the beach.

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