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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pool post #10

Today is a big day for the pool.  Cement day.  We also have the fence company coming in to put the posts in the ground for the back fence.  It is 8:00 am and there are 7 workers out here - still waiting on the fence people.  The pool workers are putting the forms up around the pool for the decking.  WOW!  This is going to be lots of cement.  


Sand around the pool has been raked out. 

Mike was here last night and we marked exactly where we want the decking.  I can't wait to see it.

You can't tell but the pool is crystal clear today.  Oh, and we turned on the pools lights last night.  They can be set in different colors or it can rotate the colors - disco like.

Here comes the sun over the house.  Getting warm.   It was 91 yesterday.

I guess tomorrow is the last day for the pool construction.  We can walk on the cement tomorrow.  They will be doing clean-up.  And we get our lesson ( one hour long) on how to take care of the pool. 

I will be putting up more pictures today as the cement is brought in.   I know a BIG cement truck is backed up to the back yard.  That means more damage to the front yard grass but it is what it is.  
Dad is at a stress test and an echo test today.  Monday he has his pace maker removed and another in its place.  This should be an outpatient operation.
Dave comes in this Sunday with friends.   We are going on a 8 hours fishing excursion out in the gulf.  Hope I don't get sea-sick.  

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