Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Spring Break 2015

What a great time of year - Spring Break!  Last week Dave had his break and spent a week here.  Weather was up and down but much better than 30 degrees back in Indiana!

Dave enjoys Peg Leg Petes..... Don't we all !!

We went to the new Bar and Grille right off of the Pensacola Beach pier.  The food, view, service was tremendous.

How can you loose with a view that includes the Gulf of Mexico and palm trees.

Mom and Dad just being beach bums for lunch.

Dave's friends from Monticello met us at Peg Leg's for lunch.  Tammy, Joe, and Caleb live on Shafer Lake and have a beautiful view of Indiana Beach.  Staying in Destin is their favorite Spring Break beach.

Dave and I in Hemingways.

Dad and Dave .....

Mom and Dave.....

We had a friend, Jamie, do our back splash.  After over 2 weeks of searching for the tile and design I wanted, Mom and I choose to go with a touch of red.  I love it!

Wouldn't you know, the week before Dave was here I was able to get into the pool 4 days.  But then the nights got cooler and took it down to 70 degrees.  Too chilly for me and for Dave.  But the warmer weather is coming and it is almost pool time again!

The beach has been busy with Spring Breakers.   Some are brave enough to go into the Gulf and some just enjoy sunbathing.   Today is the Gulf Breeze art show in the parking lot of the high school.  It is an enjoyable show even though it is small.
Update on the house next door.   Still there and a major eye soar.   The county is working on getting it torn down.  PLEASE HURRY!!!
             That is all for now ........take care!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

March is here!!

We are into March and have been busy with shopping for a backsplash in the kitchen and a few doctor's appointments for Dad and Mom. They are doing great, by the way.

The activity that has kept us most busy is perusing for a back splash.  And not just any back splash but something that is traditional enough not to go out of style in a few years and yet will "pop" with some color in our kitchen.  Many samples came home.

I loved this glass tile - it would be great with the pool right outside but would all glass tile eventually go out of style?

This was almost a choice.  Most of it is the ceramic tile but we would of take out the clear glass tiles and replace those with red glass tiles.

This, for about 1/2 hour, was my first choice.   The colors are not true in this pictures. The blue is actually a very pretty light blue.   Unfortunately, it is a lighter set of colors and does not give you any "pop"!   Remember I am looking for POP!!

TA-DA!!!!!  This is the choice.  Basic stone tiles. and half way through a red 2 inch stripe will run with the linear red glass below.  That way it will give us a traditional look with the red stripe making it something special.  Jamie, who is doing ours for us, said he will also go up with the stripe around the stove.  I think it is going to look great.   Another nice idea Jamie had was -- let's say in 8 years red is not the color we want.  We can just take the red out and replace the stripe with anything that suits our fancy.

We bought our tile at Florida Tile in Pensacola.  I spent hours and days in Lowes looking because we get the 10% veteran's discount but I was never happy with our choices once we took a sample home.
The stone tile was not bad at $14.00.   The red glass is pricey.  $25. out of New York.  Of course, the project ends up more - much more - than I was going to spend.  I'll be honest.  I was tired of looking so when we saw the red glass - the price did not really matter.  Just get it so we can move on with this project.   Hey, you know who was so calm during this process?  My Dad.   Who would of guessed.
(I do love the red tile!)

We stopped at Jaco's right on the Pensacola Port for a lunch.   (More expensive than we thought it would be.)

 A hamburger was ordered by all was good.   The view was better.   All the money in these boats.  WOW!

We sat outside on the water and there was a bit of a chilly breeze but most restaurants with outdoor seating have these heaters running along the ceiling.  These really do the job.

 Along with the water view is the Pensacola Baseball Stadium that is 3 years old.  The Blue Wahoos play here.   It is right on the water also.

We stopped for shrimp at Joe Patties on the way home.  
This is one of the boats in the Patti fleet.   I made shrimp marinara  for dinner.  hmmmm...could of been better. 

So we are maybe a month, maybe a bit longer before pool time!!!!  Come on sun, do your work!

Everyone is ready for the pool.

And we know the time is coming soon because we see flowers beginning to bloom, 

As I write this northern Kentucky has a massive backup on 65 because of snow.  The news said over 200 cars.   This cold front is even blowing through down here with strong winds and the temperature dropped 35 degrees in 5 hours.    Crazy weather everywhere!!