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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pool Post #6

I will pick up my pool story with the rain that fell shortly after lunch yesterday.  And did it fall!  I poured and poured knocking some of the sand down that they have placed already.

Sand - mud - water everywhere.

So to make sure this did not happen again, they had a large tarp to lay over the pool.   Guess what?  It didn't rain!

So here we are Thursday morning,  They have putting a special sand down on the bottom that hardens.  No, not cement.   I don't know what it is.

Another shot of the new bottom.

How are you getting out of there?

Ah, I see. 

Now that the bottom is done, they are beginning to put on the trim that will hold the liner.  I can't wait for liner day tomorrow.  I have ordered beautiful liner.

This is the liner. The star was drawn by me meaning "This is my favorite!"

Mom is in the hospital with pneumonia.  She was sick yesterday and they think she swallowed fluids into her lungs when she had her AFIB shock the day before.  We caught it early.  They think she will be there for a couple of days.  Love you so much Mom.  See you in an hour!

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  1. Get well fast Mom! Can't wait to see a picture of Mom in the pool. Love Ron