Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I was going through my cell phone and cleaning out pictures and came up with some pictures that I thought I would put on my blog before they get sent to the trash.
This is a great picture of Dave with the blue sky behind him.   This is how I think of Dave when he isn't around.
Mom, Dad, and I treated ourselves to Peg Leg Petes for lunch last week.   Looks like he has Mom's arm - that silly pirate.
 This truck is carrying port-0-pottys.  I loved the saying on the back.   "#1 in the #2 business."  That tickled my funny bone.
I saw this poster on Pinterest and it brought me back to my childhood.   I had this poster hanging in my room throughout junior high and high school.  I think it is true!  

When I was up in Indiana, my friend Kris gave me a packet of lights to be installed under the kitchen cabinets.  This is Dad's newest project.   It will take awhile since the outlet has to be cut out in the wall, electric ran, etc.  It is going to be great.   Thanks Kris - these are going to be wonderful!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yes, I know.  I have not been here for quite some time.   Reasons are:
1.  I have been busy.
2.  Mom's computer is down and she uses mine so it is stationed in her room.   When I think about using it, she is taking a nap.
3.  I am lazy.

Sooooo......., July was crazy with Dave here for the whole month.   This is the longest I have lived with Dave since we were kids and I must say, it went just fine.   No problems and I think we all are very aware of each other's space.  When we discussed making this move a 2 years ago, Dave said "We love each other, it will work out."   I think he is right. I loved having Dave here and I hope he comes for fall break.  The plane ticket prices are so high so we will see.......
Then Mike and Ron along with Sage came down for a week.  We had so much fun with them and hope Mike comes back really soon.   I know Ron will be here for Christmas.
I am now up to today's blog.  
When Dave left for Monticello at the end of the month, I rode up with him.  This was a drive all night trip and those trips wipe me out but at least you are there a bit quicker. Ron met us at Rensselaer to pick me up. I stayed with Ron for two weeks and had a great time.
 This is me at the beach before we left.  

Our friends, Nicole, Lamont, Elyse, and Kray have two paddle boards.   They offered us an afternoon with them and Dave had a blast.   In case you are unsure of how to use paddle boards, they are large - you stand, kneel, or sit on them and paddle around.  It is a popular activity here but the boards are not cheap.   I have not been able to find one for less than $800.00.
Once we got to Hobart, I stayed with Ron and Sage.   Sage went out of her way to make me feel welcomed.  She is a 7 month, 42 pound black lab with excess energy.   I miss you Sage.

I loved visiting in early August.  My friends Betty, Kelly, and Kris were not in school yet so they had more play/fun time.   I got to see each of them separately several times and also all together.  A also got to babysit Natalie and Colin one morning and had such a great time with them. 
Thanks for so much fun - Kelly, Steve, Natalie, Colin, Eric, Lisa, Eli, Lilly, Betty, Kirk, Kris,  Sue, Gordon, Dean, Mike, Laura, cousin Sandy and Jim, Uncle Carl.

My uncle Carl.
Ron and Sage.

This picture of Dave and Ron was taken on Shafer Lake.   Dave teaches with Tammy and  Tammy's family took us out on their boat.   This was such a treat for me because I spend 30 years of my life on Shafer Lake with boats.  I miss that so much!  
Tammy's son Caleb.  You can tell he LOVES living on the lake.
Ron's birthday is August 22 but we celebrated it my last night in Hobart with Mike and his sister Laura.  (Shhhhhhh....... Ron is turning 50.  How is that possible when his older sister is still in her 40's?

Top Ten Memories of Trip:
1.  Seeing family.
2.  Having fun with friends that I miss, miss, miss, miss.
3.  Eating at Lincoln Subs.
4.  Boat ride on Shafer Lake.
5.  Going to New Buffalo with Betty and Kris - shopping and of course, eating at Redimacks.
6.  Having time with Natalie and Colin.
7.Eating at Gelsosomos Pizza. 
8.  Seeing Kelly's beautiful new house.
9.  Having Betty bring new life back to my Great Grandmother's doll.
10.  Being with Ron for two weeks - priceless!