Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Colors of the Beach

Colors show up everywhere on the Beach - including colors that help with our safety in the water.  Our lifeguards on Pensacola Beach are great at making sure the public knows the conditions of the surf.  I, personally, follow their recommendations.
One of the new businesses on the beach offers lots of beach activities and their sign is made up for happy, beachy colors that catch the eye.  I can't wait to go on the dolphin cruise.  $25.00 for two hours.
The PB beach ball water tower  shows up on nearly postcard for Pensacola Beach and it is getting a new paint job.   It adds bright colors to the skyline of the Gulf of Mexico.
Beach umbrellas add colors all the way down the coast.
 I love these sea green parking lights that circle one of the beach hotels.
Well, after Church I picked up a Subway club for lunch - yummy and wanted to get a blog going.  Now Mom and I are going to make cookies to send to our friend, Lamont, who is deployed right now.  It is in the low 80's and hardly any humidity so it is perfect weather.
Kacey had her nails trimmed and a bath yesterday - she did not like either.  She says today is a much better day.   Take care all.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Food Poisoning 101

Well, as my post title states, I had food poisoning.  That might of been the sickest I have ever been - and if you have had food poisoning, you understand.  This started with something I ate last Thursday night
and since today is the first day that I feel really good that means 4-5 days of sick.  What did I eat do you ask?  GUESS! 
Prior to being sick, we went to a nursery in north Navarre and had a wonderful lady, Diana, drive us around for two hours on a golf course to look at their plants.  We picked a date tree, 15 various day lilies, and several other plants.  All was delivered the next day so Dad and I spend the day planting the tree. 
No easy task, let me tell you!  But we got it in the whole, straight, and looking good. Next we planted 15 day lilies.   That evening I took my neighbor's son to baseball so she could get her daughter to track.  I love going to his games.  On the way home I stopped for a quick supper of chicken carry-out - MISTAKE! 
So I was too sick to help put the pine needles down but Mom and Dad did a great job.
The next picture is the final outcome of this project but it is so much prettier than it looks here.

I took this picture when it was beginning to get dark. 
We did have some help with the project.  Kacey, get your nose out of the dirt!

 I just got to talk to Kelly back at school.  Between the normal end of the school activities and she and Steve trying to sell and by a house, she is going crazy.  Well, crazier than normal Kelly.  (he-he)
I think often of my friends at school right now.   This is a stressful time with testing, end of year activities, nice weather making the kids restless and making the teachers restless.  Hang in there all!  Summer is coming!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday Night Drive

Last night after dinner, (homemade pizza) we went for a drive down to Fort Pickens to watch the sunset.   Many people had the same thought - it is a beautiful way to finish a day.
Mom was leaning against the cement wall that is built around Fort Pickens.
The Osprey were nesting and we love to see how many nests we can find.   Also known as a sea hawk or a fish hawk, the Osprey obviously enjoy eating the fish they catch in the gulf.  They seem to like to nest in the tip top of these trees that were killed during the hurricanes. 
Dad held Kacey.   There were little red fire ants on the ground and it is not pleasant to be bitten by one of these.  They also do not brush off easily so we did not set her down.   Yes, she is spoiled.
YESTERDAY:  The Pensacola State College was having a flower and garden show yesterday in Milton.  A bit of a drive but a pretty drive for us.   It was worth it since we picked up several variety of plants to plant by the shed, including cannas and day lillies.  Also a small snowball bush that made us think of home one 2nd street in Hobart.   We had a gigantic snowball bush behind the garage that produced beautiful, large  snowballs that we would cut and bring into the house.
TODAY:  We went to see Mirror, Mirror with Nicole while her kids saw The Hunger Games in the theater next door.  Mirror, Mirror was cute and the costumes were so colorful.   It was worth seeing.   On the way home we walked through the zoo.  So that leaves tonight and I am kicking back on the computer watching Big Bang reruns.  Oh, and Kacey and I went for a walk.  She loves to go for walks but spends more time stopping to smell than walking......
 That is it for now and I hope all is good with friends and family.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Just A Bit More Memories....

I was looking through pictures on my IPHONE and found a few more to add. 
Just a quick shot of Mom and Kirk at Bands on the Beach.  We all went Tuesday night to hear this week's band and I believe all enjoyed it.  Warm weather and good music along with wine, strawberries, and cheese.  
Of course you take your guests to Flounders on the beach.  The food is great and you get lots... really too much food as in Betty's fish taco chips she got.  We all laughed about that!  Eat up Betty!
Betty brought us a glass ball to go with my collection in the dinning room window.  She saw it in Frankenmuth, Michigan and thought of us.  I love it.  Matter of fact, I got the idea of hanging them in the window (almost as window treatments) from her house.  Thank you Betty and Kirk!
I took Kris, Betty, and Kirk to a pottery store down the street from us.  The owner goes into Mexico - not the tourist areas - and buys up pottery to sell at her store.  Everyone bought.  Thank goodness Betty and Kirk had their car.  Kris purchased this for Mom, Dad and me and we love it!  Isn't this unique?  Just love it!
And my last picture shows what Dad and I did on Sunday.
Pensacola has finished the Maritime Ball Park for the Blue Wahoos.  Our new baseball team had its fourth game on Sunday afternoon and we had tickets.   I can't say enough about this stadium.   Beautiful view since it is right on the water, the seats are so comfy, food is NOT expensive, just a great time for everyone there.   And we won!  I am already looking to buy more tickets.
So today I cleaned, paid bills, did laundry, planted flowers, and now I am watching Dancing With The Stars and then Smash.  Just a quiet day.  After all, every day can't be a party day, can it?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thanks for the memories

What a wonderful week!  After Dave left Saturday evening (wish he could stay longer) Betty and Kirk came in the following day.  And the whirlwind of fun began.  We did the beach and ate at Flounders on the beach - then walked the boardwalk.
This is one of Betty's new friends on the boardwalk on Pensacola Beach.
Isn't this a great picture of Kirk and Betty?  Tuesday Kris flew in and while Betty and Kirk did the beach, Dad and I picked up Kris from the airport.  Right straight to the beach to grab a bite for lunch we went.
Wednesday all four of us went to Alabama to visit Bellengrath's Gardens.  We visited acres of beautiful gardens but what is that?  An umbrella?  YES!!  It rained the whole time we were there - about two hours of walking but we were prepared.  We also went through the Bellengraph house built in the early 1900's and if you like expensive porcelain, you will love this tour!   Afterwards, off to Fairhope to visit their quaint shops.   When home, we enjoyed one of our shrimp boils - fresh shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn on the cob.  Yummy!
And speaking of yummy - Kris turned me onto baked oysters.

We enjoyed these three different times during Kris's visit.
Kris and I got to enjoy two days of sun on the beach along with many other spring breakers.  Easter week-end + Spring Break + warm weather = busy beaches. 
And then it was time.   Boo-hoo......
Kris, our last guest was packing to go home.
So we took Kris to the airport this morning and now the house is too, too quiet.  But we had three 1/2 weeks of wonderful, incredible, memorable time with friends and family.   Thank you all so much for the memories.   We love you all!
Oh, and I will leave you with a picture of Mom and Dad this afternoon after three 1/2 weeks of fun and frolic.  Hee-hee....  They are just kidding about being this tired.  After all, Dad and I are off to the baseball game tomorrow.
Funny Mom and Dad!!