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Friday, June 21, 2013

Pool Post 7

It is a beautiful hot summer

This is how the pool ended yesterday.

It took just a couple of minutes to open up the liner.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!

 Right now the liner has air behind it and wrinkles - soon to go away.  I love the design.  It is elegant and modern.

See the wrinkles?

It sure does not take long for them to attach the liner to the rim.

They are getting ready to cut the steps out.

Two of these vacuums are running to pull the air out.  They will run the whole time that the pool is being filled.  Mike told us, if the electricity turns off - CALL HIM IMMEDIATELY since the liner will separate from the sides of the pool.

Look how beautifully the liner is stretched out on the pool now.

See the boarder put around the stairs.  They then cut the liner and white trim going onto the boarder to look good and protect swimmers from getting snagged.

BIG DAY!  Water is going into the pool.  The water company has been called so that our sewage bill does not go up with the water bill.  Matter of fact, the water company estimates it will cost $100. to fill the pool.

See the white trim around the steps holding the liner.  So sharp looking.

Look how smooth the pool looks. Water is collecting in the 6 foot area now.  Tomorrow they will have a backhoe to flatten the dirt.  Monday the electrician comes. 
Dave and Ron - WE NOW HAVE A POOL!  They have lots to do yet with running piping, electric, banisters, cement, patio cement.

Mom is in the hospital for day 2 but doing great.  They plan on releasing her tomorrow and have said they want to make sure the improvement is such that she would not go back into pneumonia.  This is what we want also.  Her room has been moved to a better room.  I am heading over to see her in a few minutes.  Dad will be here to pool watch.   (Kacey wants to know what happened to her back yard?)


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