Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A little of this, a little of that

I will start this blog out with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU KATHY!  Kathy said for her birthday that she and Terry went for a ride and had dinner at a restaurant that they like!   Sounds like a great birthday to me.

My french horn student, Hanna belongs to a dance studio along with her sister Jordan.  I went to see their program last week and again was blown away!   Those girls can dance!   And the costumes - WOW!   I enjoyed the program so much!   Thanks for inviting me.

This is Hanna in one of her many costumes.  Both girls are at band camp this week and their auditions were rockin'.  Talented girls!  And I know their Mom, Sally, is a proud Ma-ma.

It is hot - upper 80's and 90's and that well known panhandle humidity is back.  So beach and pool time and needed.  I have for two days jumped into the pool to find out it is thundering and out I go.   People being killed by lightening here is not uncommon so we don't mess with Mother Nature.

Dave put this picture on Facebook for Father's Day on Sunday.   The man on the left is Grandpa Thomas (not my grandpa, but my cousin's grandpa, but we were all a close family growing up).  On the right is my Grandpa Kaiser.  I loved seeing his picture.   He was an incredible grandfather - full of love!  Always called me honey bunch.  He was a very intelligent man - like my father - and could fix anything.   If he did not have the part, he made the part.   He had been a machinest at the steel mills.   Miss you lots!

And we have people coming in to visit.   Aunt Sandy is coming from Atlanta on Friday and will be here over a week.  Fun, fun, and fun!   I have some ideas of things to do with her that she will enjoy.  No - not go to Disney World.    I wish!!    Then Dave comes is the first of July for a full month and Ron will spend the last week of July here also.  Sage is coming also......Ron's black lab.    Sorry Kacey!

 Kacey didn't get excited when I told her Sage is coming.

I made a pork tenderloin in the crock pot a few days ago and it was sooooo goooooood!  So I found this recipe that I am going to use next time.  Looks delicious.

This is a Pinterest special.

These fireworks will be seen at Pensacola Beach but a great deal of patience will be needed to be in such a crowd of people.   Also, parking.......where to park!    So we might just enjoy the pool instead.   
Every time Kathy and I talk we say to each other....LIFE IS GOOD!   And it is.  I feel that we live in paradise with white sugar sand beaches, palm trees, fresh seafood. water surrounding us, and pelicans.   I love our pelicans.   Enjoy this beautiful summer everyone.......take care!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Busy, busy, busy....oh yes, and SHARKS

Another beautiful, very warm day in Gulf Breeze.  Beautiful sky blue with white, fluffy clouds here and there.  So.......we took off to Pensacola and at lunch at a restaurant called Nick's Boathouse located right on the water.  

Nick's Boathouse is right next door to the baseball stadium that the Blue Wahoos play in - impressive stadium on the water.

Then we stopped at Joe Patties to pick up some fish for dinner.  I chose the red snapper.  We cooked it on the grill and it was great.  No fishy taste.  Just yummy.  A half a pound per person costs $6.00 for each of us.   

I can't wait to make these salmon steaks.

More fresh seafood on ice.

And more.....

Here are some of the shrimp boats tied up on the side of the building.

Crab traps for catching your own crab.  Put some chicken in them and place them out in the water over night.   Usually you will have one or two in the morning.

Out by the front door is the beignet trailer.  They make 6 absolutely delicious beignets for you while you wait.  Nothing in a beignet is healthy but oh, my!!   Are they good!  Try avoiding this spot.  (I was able to not stop.....I just had lunch.  One point for me.)

Double red flags on the beach mean DO NOT GO IN THE WATER.  Well, down the beaches from us Orange Beach, Alabama is having a special meeting of the sharks.   First of all, there are always sharks not that far from shore.  If you fly over the beach, you see them.  But Orange Beach yesterday had approximately 150 sharks east of the Pass.  I saw on the news last night some "not so bright person" take their wave runner into the sharks and then fell off.   The airplane above showed him swimming very fast to get back on that wave runner.  
This picture is not from yesterday but look at the size of the shark.  PEOPLE!!!!   WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!   We have seen sharks when we are in the water and out we go to dry land.

The double red flags were waving again today at Orange Beach. 

Some quick thoughts.....
  • Again, very warm....90 degrees.  Makes the pool feel great.
  • I am trying to get my Aunt Sandy here for a couple of weeks.   She lives in Atlanta.   Come on Sandy!  The beach, the pool, shopping.   We'd have a blast.
  • Kacey needs to go to the vet tomorrow for her nail trim.   When she walks in the door, they say, "Oh, there is Kacey!"   I am not sure it is said with total enthusiasm since she is a pill about getting her nails cut.  
  • Father's Day coming up.   What do you get for your father when he wants nothing?  Hmmmmm... this is always a difficult decision.    Last year we took him to tour The Alabama.  He loves ships from the various wars.   
  • And that is it for now.   Take care all!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Love Gulf Breeze!

I do love living in Gulf Breeze......and that is good because I am not going anywhere else, that is for sure!  Today was what would be referred to as a normal day - a wonderful day.  Very sunny and 90 degrees.   So on normal days I do normal things.  Get up, read the paper and IPad, clean around the house for a bit, run over to Subway and then stop at Bealls to see what is on the 50% rack.  (Nothing caught my eye today.)  Came home and talked to Kathy Cox for over an hour on the phone about lots of things.   We can talk and talk if we both have the time.  Then I went into the pool with Dad.   Out for a sandwich at OConnell's Pub and Grill and then home for the Tony Awards.  Yes, a normal day full of relaxing activities.

The lights have been fixed in the pool and look great.  They can do many different color changes.  Besides blue and green there is purple, white, and light blue.    

Yes, this is a Subway drink.   I never put the lids on them and for two years Kelly Rehlander and I went to Subway almost every day for lunch.  She nagged me over and over about getting a lid so of course, I could not bring it upon myself to please her by putting a lid on my drink.   I still send her texts at lunch with a lidless Subway drink.   It pleases her so.

Kacey went surfing in the pool today.   Yes!   She sits on a boogie board and seems pretty content.  But first she was cooling off on the patio.  What a life!

Nothing surprises me.  Here goes my Dad down the street with some blow up toys for our friend's visiting granddaughter.   I wonder what the neighbors thought?  I am sure they were not surprised either.

Some short thoughts:

  • School is out for all my teacher friends and family.  Have a great summer.  I think Dave told me he has 76 days to enjoy and he will spend the month of July here.
  • Coupons are my best friends!   I keep an eye out for coupons and hardly ever shop for tops, shoes, or shorts without a coupon.   Bealls, Belks, and Penneys are my favorites.
  • My friend Nicole and I saw Maleficent on Friday.  I enjoyed it so much.  Go see it if you haven't yet!
  • Our French Horn lessons are going strong right now since Hanna is going to band camp.   She will be ready to impress!
  • Off to bed.....Take care all and enjoy Monday!