Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Monday, May 27, 2013

Fort Pickens Civil War

Another beautiful day here in paradise so off we went to Fort Pickens to see the Civil War re-enactment that they offered today for the public.

  How about hot coffee on a 85 degree day?This is the sign they used to represent them.

I took a picture of their drum.  After all, I am a band director. And the guns are neatly stacked in case of an attack.  I sure felt safe.

 It was a great surprise because we were just taking a quick drive down to the Fort.  I did not have my camera with me or a hat......I was just not prepared.  (That is why the pictures lack quality.)   But what a great Memorial Day activity.  

I hope we all had a great Memorial Day Week-end honoring those that have given their lives for our freedom.  God Bless America!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Red, White, and Blue Memorial Day Week-end

Memorial Day Week-end is here!  To honor our Veterans, I have taken pictures of things that are red, white, or blue.  My Dad was in the Navy, matter of fact, he was stationed here in Pensacola.  (I was born on the base.)

So here we go with my red, white, or blue pictures:

One of Mom and Dad's craft items when they were in the craft business.

Our red hummingbird feeder but it does not attract the hummingbirds yet.  Here we are birdies!

This red canna is growing almost as tall as the house!

Our flag is usually up every day, not just Memorial Day week-end.

Beautiful, blue Florida skies with white clouds.

The lighthouse quilt hanging that my friend Betty made for me.

I love this serving plate.   I thought the price was $18.95 and it rang up $89.95!  I guess I needed new glasses.   I bought it anyway.

 ME taking a picture of my red Canon.  I really wanted a red one - not black - and had to fight for it at Best Buy.   My friend Nicole was with me and I laughed when she said to the sales lady, "Isn't this Best Buy?  Best Buy or WHAT!"
Happy Memorial Day to all and let's all remember what Memorial Day is really all about!
                                                           Take Care All!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Navarrre Beach in May

We live in Gulf Breeze, Florida and it is a great place to live for many reasons.
  • Zoo is almost next door.
  • Pensacola  Beach and all it offers is 15 minutes west.
  • Navarre Beach is 10 minutes east.
  • One of the best school corporations in the state.
  • Destin is 30-40 minutes away.
  • Pensacola is 30 minutes away with the mall, every store that I was used to shopping in back in Indiana (except Menards).
So today I am going to show pictures of Navarre beach.  Dad and I ran over this morning so I could walk a bit on the beach to strengthen my leg and back muscles since my 3 1/2 week back/thigh pain experience. 

Driving onto the beach over the bridge.

Want to go flying WITH the kite?

Rocco's Italian Restaurant on the beach.

I love beach umbrellas and their colors.

Another happy beach umbrella.

Dad putting his tootsies in the water.

My tootsies in the water.  It is warmer than I thought for May.

Another pretty umbrella.

Waves slowly rolling in to the sandy beach.

Pier to fish off of or just to enjoy a walk.

Colorful sandals.   (Mine.)

More beach babes and umbrellas.


Dad's flip flops and his white ankles from golfing.

Leaving the beach.

At the end of the bridge is a Burger King.   I often stop for a must have Diet coke when we leave the beach.

Have a beachy day everyone!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just a quick note.

Today was a beautiful a beautiful day and going to the new Rocco's restaurant at Navarre Beach.  Wonderful Italian food - I highly recommend visiting  My friend Nicole and I went out to lunch to Aloha (Hawaiian food) and shopped through the flowers at Lowes.  

The Ospreys are large black birds that make their nests at the tip top of trees.   There are lots of them this year at Fort Pickens.

New statue placed on Pensacola beach of a well-known surfer.

The spaceship house is down the road on Pensacola Beach.  Several others had been build throughout the United States.   A favorite of the younger set.

Mom and Kacey taking a nap.  They look comfy, don't they?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day at Baytowne Warf

I wanted to have a very busy Mother's Day planned for Mom so I think I accomplished my goal.
Off we went to Church.   We hurried home and picked up Dad and headed one hour  east down 98 to Baytowne Warf.  I had never been there but have seen pictures.  WOW!   So pretty -so very pretty.   Here are some of my pictures.

Cute shops throughout the village.  The majority of the shops are restaurants as far as I could see.   But there are other shops to enjoy also.   It must be beautiful at night.

This is a definite stop for friends and family visiting.

How about a doggy fountain on a hot day.


Could she look too much more Floridian?

A Mother and Daughter pose.

A sprinkled waffle cone.   Yummy!

Living the dream!

Ron sent Mom something special for Mother's Day.   We all enjoyed these chocolate covered strawberries.   Send more please!

We ended the day at a concert on the beach featuring the Pensacola Orchestra.  They perform a Mother's Day Pops Concert every year.  No one cooked because we stopped and picked up some hotdogs at Sonic's and ate on the beach.
                                                            Next month is Father's Day.   What to do, what to do............