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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pool Post #4

What a difference a day makes!

Here comes the backhoe - whoo-hoo!

The truck was filled three times with dirt.  Where did the dirt go?  I don't know.

Very first scoop.

Starting the deep end of the pool.

Scooping away dirt.

Bye by dirt.

Keep that scooping.  The white pipe you see is the pipe that will always remain underground around the pool to drain water if the liner ever needs to be replaced.

If it looks like I am close to the scoop, I am.  The pool is going in 3 feet from the house and I am sitting on the patio.

Would you be comfortable with the scoop coming in right next to you?

This is the big boss and owner, Mike of Gulf Breeze Pools and Spas. 

Wait!  Who is that guy in the background?  Ok Dad, get out of the work area!

No Dad, you are not the boss.

Sides start up before the digging is complete.

Hey it is looking more like a pool. All this in less than two hours.

Steps attached.  After this the cement truck came in and delivered cement to put around the outside of the pool. 

At this point I went to dinner at Crabs with friends and then to the Bands at the Beach Concert in Pensacola Beach.  Why was I so tired?  I wasn't digging a pool?!  It was raining when I went to bed and I wondered if that would cause problems.   We will see in the next blog.  

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