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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pool Post #3 & Father's Day

It is humid and hot.  The reason this is a foggy pictures is because when I walked out of the air conditioning, the humidity fogged up my camera lens.    Dad is out figuring the watering system so when the pool guys bring in the equipment tomorrow they know what is running under ground.  This is like putting a puzzle together.....

This sprinkler will go since it is placed where there will be cement.

Their equipment is all over the yard.....ready to go.   To the left is the handles for the steps to the pool.


Happy Father's Day Dad!  Working out in the hot sun on Father's Day.  Only my Dad would be happy with that.  Late afternoon we will head to the beach for a Father's Day dinner.  He also got a new bathing suit for the new pool. 

Behind our property is Florida overgrowth and tall pine trees.  How explorers 100's of years ago plowed through this stuff amazes me.  Not even talking about spiders, snakes, scorpions - oh my!

Miss Flamingo came to Florida with us from Indiana.  Should we keep her or should she go????

Tomorrow the plan is that they bring in the big equipment and dig the hole.  I also will be taking Mom to the cardiologist. (Spelling?)  Her heart has gone A-FIB again and they are doing a EKG and then Tuesday shocking the heart.  Hey, Dad's heart has been shocked, this will be Mom's third time,  and I have had it done.   Lucky for me it worked and I am off all meds for it now.   Dave  and his friends are coming in 14 days.  Dave will be here for a month and his friends for a week.  The new pool will really be broken in because included is 2 teenage boys.   I know they will enjoy it!   Happy Father's Day to all.   Love you lots Dad!!!!!

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