Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rain is coming!

I just checked the weather and we have a tornado watch out until 8:00.  It is a long streak of storms heading towards us but will they grow or get smaller.  Just have to wait and see.  So we planted - when I say we, I mean Dad -some new flowers,  Crape Myrtels, Geraniaums, and more so they would be in the ground for Mother Nature's watering.
Karol, our next door neighbor is selling some things on Craigs List.   I had never done this before so we sat down and got her saw on Craigs List for sale.  I think we both had lots of fun in the process.   She is so funny!  I love to have her around and her son has the energy of 5 kids put together.

Well, like I said, it is going to rain and the winds are going to blow!  I suppose these cuties just sit it out and wait for the calm to continue fishing.
It amazes me how well palm trees withstand the storms and winds.  We have lived here through 2 tropical storms and the palms do just fine but let me tell you, the palms are blowing all over during the storm. 
I will end this blog of me - being happy.  I think this was taken at Disney World so of course I am happy!! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beautiful Pensacola Beach Weather

What a beautiful day here in Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach.  My friend Nicole and I headed off to the beach to one of the beach restaurants for lunch. 
  Weather:  High 70's
  Humidity:  None
  Sun: Yes, oh yes there was beautiful sunshine
  Entertainment:  The Blue Angels were flying over head practicing their show.   What a joy that         was!  Also there were people paddle boarding off shore.  Like I said, a beautiful day.

The sand dunes along the beach is striking next to the blue water of the gulf.
There is also contrast between sand dunes areas and condos on the water. 

The Blue Angels practicing during our lunch break - break from what you ask?   Well, I guess just fun!  Even though when I got home I paid bills - not fun.
We ran over to the Shrimp Box for dinner.  We usually get there once every couple of weeks.  I noticed a lady with a Purdue shirt on and asked if they are from Indiana.  Yes, they were - Lacrosse.  Love meeting fellow Hoosiers.   Even Purdue fans.  (he-he)   (I went to school at Indiana State.)   They were here for the week and love Pensacola Beach so I gave them a few more ideas of places to go while they are here.   Before we moved here and we were visiting, I would ask sales people in all sorts of stores, "Where do the locals like to go for fresh fish?"    You learn lots that way   The locals favorites are not fancy - just good food, usually at a good price  I hope my new friends from Indiana have a great week and make lots of memories.

    After all, our memories eventually turned into our Pensacola Dream!