Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Columbus Visits Pensacola

Replicas of the Pinta and the Maria are docked at Pensacola Bayfront.  How interesting it is to see these ships.   They are certainly nothing special - and you can't imagine crossing the ocean on these small ships.  Little space, no comforts - ugh!  But so interesting.

The masts are a puzzle of ropes.

Not me!  No way! No lack of sleep, blisters, and seasickness for me.    But it was great visiting the ships.   And then I went home and had a cup of hot coffee from our Keurig, sat in my comfy lazy boy chair, and later slept in my own bed.  And I did not even experience any seasickness!   

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a wonderful Christmas season and I think Sage and Kacey would agree (even though Kacey wishes Sage would quit chasing her around the house.  Kacey is 10 years old and Sage is under a year and 7 times her size.)  Dave and Ron came for a full week - that was a gift for us in itself. 
Christmas morning started with a sausage and egg casserole.  Then on to the passing out of gifts.  Keurig coffee maker, many sweaters, shirts, hats, crock pots, shoes, were opened but the prize possession was the remote helicopters given each to Ron and Dave.
The joy of flying helicopters - it must be a guy thing because they all loved it!

Christmas dinner included turkey, dressing, yams, - you know, all that good stuff including Dave's speciality of deviled eggs.  So yummy.   Our neighbors shared our Christmas feast with us.
Later in the week, we drove over to Fort Pickens and YES, it was a chilly day.  (In the sixties.)   Not many shells on the beach - where oh where have all the shells gone.   I guess they will just roll in some day after a storm hits in the gulf.
Oh Dave - don't shoot that cannon at your brother!

I love our tree.   Over 7 feet tall and every ornament on the tree has a memory.
Christmas is family and having our whole family together for the week was wonderful.   Dave and Ron are driving through Indianapolis as I type this so they will be home soon.  I do wish they could of stayed until after the New years.
I will leave this blog with some things heard in the Kaiser house during the holidays:

* Sage, leave Kacey alone.
*  Another helicopter just crashed.
*  Eat the pie!  We have too much pie!
*  Whose turn is it to drive?  Not mine!
*  Where are we going for dinner?
*  Sage, LEAVE Kacey alone!
*  Aren't you done with your shopping yet?
*  I'm Mom's favorite.   (Ron says that all the time.   Wishful thinking.)

     Every Christmas Eve Dad reads the Night Before Christmas.  So I will leave this blog with
Merry Christmas to All, and to All A Good Night!
      from Peggy, Elaine, Ron, Dave, Ron, Kacey, and Sage
             SAGE, LEAVE KACEY ALONE!!!