Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Ok - I am a teacher, just retired.   Making rules comes naturally to me so let me share with you the rules of the beach.
1.  The beach is a place of peace and relaxation.  Even while dragging a chair, bucket for shells, umbrella, nets, beach bag, purse, beach towel, drink, cell phone, and camera with you through the sand.
2.   Even though the beach all looks the same, always drag all the above items further down the beach for no reason what so ever.
3.  Toenails must be appropriately painted.  No polish would just be......wrong.
4.  Be prepared that those perfectly pedicured toenails are not even seen because of sandy feet.
5.  Know that the salt spray will cause your hair to feel like sticky straw and your sunglasses to become a salt-foggy mess.   (But keep those sunglasses on at all times.  A true beach goer must at all times display the true cool-beach babe look.)
6.  Even though clueless about surfing and skin boarding - feel free to give advice.  I am sure that these talented beach surfers want your help. 
7.  Beware of those that wish to steal from you.  Turn your back and a bag of chips can disappear faster than a crab can grab your toe. 
8.  When it is time to go, you will drag  your chair, umbrella, and supplies back to the car wondering WHY did I set up so far from the car?  Leave the sand on the beach, even though it seems that buckets full end up in the car no matter how long you rinse and brush off sand.
9.  A red nose means  - whoops!!!  You forgot the suntan lotion again.
A true beach babe happily follows the above rules - because she knows she lives in paradise!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Company - come back, come back!

The month of October just flew by because company flew in to visit.   After Ron spend his 10 days here we hardly had a moment to rest and then came my Aunt Sandy and Cousin Tammy!  We were so excited to see them since they had been living on the west coast.  They spent the first night at the Margaritaville in Pensacola beach.  I was lucky enough to see the rooms - very classy!   If you have the money, this is a great place to stay on the gulf.
This picture was taken at Fort Pickens.  Why do we have warm day after warm day until company comes and then a "cold front" moves into the area.  Why?  Huh....why??
After Sandy and Tammy left, Betty and Kirk came for fall break.   Fellow teachers who need that break at the end of October.   I remember it well.  Dave (my bother) came in the next morning so the house was full of people, laughter and fun. 

So what does everyone want to do.  You got it!   BEACH!  We had 3 out of 4 good beach days and took advantage of the warm weather.

Some young guys were taking advantage of the waves to skin board.   Riding along the shoreline with a small board.  They were great.   Betty, who had never experienced this sport before was ready to give advice.  He-he.   We had a great time watching them wipe out and and ride the waves.

Betty loved the shelling and walking the beach.   But she is a water person.  Just watch out for those jelly fish!

Dave enjoys the surf and much as I do.  The power of the gulf is unbelievable!

Friends enjoying the beach.  Move here please, Betty. We would have such fun.

My friend down the road, Nicole, taught me how to do a great shrimp boil - shrimp, potatoes, corn on the cob and sausage.  Kirk picked up hush puppies from Joe Patty's.  Yummmmmmy! 

One day we went to Alabama and went to a restaurant that Kirk read or heard about.  The place looked a bit like a dive but the food was great!  Just a fun place to stop.  Now to add more to this story.  We had planned on taking the ferry across to Dauphin Island.  Betty really, really , really wanted to do this.  The wind and waves did not allow this though.   In other words, I am still alive!   (I keep telling Betty this because I was worried that the weather was too choppy for such a trip.)  No trip was made and we plan on making this trip during Spring Break.  Dad and Kirk spent 6 hours in the Naval Museum together - they are getting to be good buddies.
Too soon it was time for everyone to go and the house was so quiet.  Too quiet.  No more company till Christmas.  I think even the gulls sensed the quiet and wished to see everyone back.  One last comment before I go.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETTY.  YOU DESERVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY!!