Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pool Post #12

     Therefore, no swimming in the pool tonight.  That's ok.   It is enjoyable just looking at the outcome of the project.

Cement runs to the patio.   There used to be a step but that is gone, gone, gone.

One you get to the banisters, the cement goes out 3 feet.

The white line in the middle is a drain.

That side of the pool is large enough to hold the round table and chairs.  

Tomorrow is the last day.   We will miss our pool guys.  They will put back up the fence, put alarms on windows and doors, rake out the lawn, and throw away garbage.   Dad and I will also receive an hour long lesson on running the pool, testing water, etc.    Oh, the automatic sweeper should be installed tomorrow also.  Going to dinner shortly - have a great evening everyone!

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