Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Things that make us lazy......

Dad and I were working on the brick on the house because our watering system's well is in an iron vein and after time it discolors the bricks.   So we have this powerful spray that you spray on stains - wait a few minutes - spray off.  I thought, oh my gosh, without this spray this would be an incredibly nasty job.  It made me think of doing a blog on things that happily make us lazy.
MOM AND KACEY are being lazy  by the pool.  Good for them.   Kacey has the "please don't put me in the pool" look. 

       Once Dad realized we did not EVER have to sweep the pool, he was all for it!

    Grandma used to tell us how clothing was washed when she was a child and how little it was washed.  Must of been smelly!

If you have ever thought about a Roomba, go for it!  It really works well and I hate to sweep.   Ours hadn't worked for almost two years and Dad (Mr. Fix It) took it all apart and off it runs again.  That makes me very happy!
And I know every single one of you feel the same.  I remember my grandfather hooking up a remote to his tv back in the early 60's that had a cord running along the carpet from the couch to the tv.    I guess he really wanted one badly! 

I go into panic mode if I can't find either one of these.  Enough said.

And here is someone that never gets lazy, and if he does, I know he is not feeling well. 
I feel lazy now so I am going to watch some football with Dad on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
Take care y'all!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No Words

Today's post is titled "No Words" because I can't come up with an appropriate title for the loss of another teacher due to violence.  Again it has happened.   Another killing in a school in Massachusetts and last week a previous killing.  
Teachers go to college to learn how to teach.   They study their subject area, general education areas, and classes that supposedly cover teaching procedures but often it is said that there should be a class to teach other needed skills.   This class could include how to deal with an irate parent, the surprise of how many classroom items you will end up purchasing yourself,  and how much extra time after the school day you will be preparing lessons, grading, and filling out the endless paperwork.  And maybe it now should cover extreme school violence.
There are no words to explain how a teacher feels about these killings.
There are no words to describe the sadness we all feel about our young children needing to be aware that this is a possibility.  And they are.  After all, we have lock down procedures practiced in all schools. Often there are no words to explain why this happened again, how it happened again. And again.
There are no words to calm the fear that this nightmare might come to your town,
 your school some day.
There are no words to describe the sick feeling all teachers, students, and parents feel when we hear of another useless killing taking place in a school.
There are no words, it seems, to alleviate this trend in society.
So when I read about this young, energetic teacher who was brutally slain by a student..........
I am left with no words to truly describe my feelings.  
There just are no words.  


Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall means FOOTBALL

Fall here in Gulf Breeze/Pensacola Beach means that cooler weather will move into the area in late October.  But cooler weather here means in the 70's and if the sun is shinning, it is  beautiful day!  In the fall, football is as big as football in Indiana!   And the bands that I have seen are WOW!  The bands go to the away games and both bands perform a half time show and compete with playing during the game.  Even when the ball is in play!   It is loud and exciting to watch.  Oh yea, and the game is going on also.

 We went to the football game - homecoming at Gulf Breeze High School.  Here the team is warming up, the band is marching into the stadium.

The students run out to the field when it is time for the team to run in and believe me, there is a mob of happy teenagers out there ready to support their team.
Our neighbor and friends the Jubicks were so proud that night.  Their daughter, Elise was in the homecoming court and the Dad's (in tuxes) walked their daughters out onto the field.  She was beautiful!!

Here is Elise, her Dad Lamont, and her Mom - Nicole.  We love this family! 
 Kray is not pictured right now but he was there supporting his sister.

Waiting for the Queen to be announced.  Only seniors can be homecoming queen and Elise is a junior.  What a thrill!
Dad watching it all.  Where is my popcorn???

Releasing the balloons when the team ran out.

 Guess where we will be going soon?  In January but the excitement has already begun.  The schedule is as follows:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and DISNEY!   There are lots of fun and important things happening in
  • We are taking Dad to the eye doctor in the morning.  His left eye is bothering him and he wonders if the lens they put in when he had his cataract surgery several years ago is slipping.  We should not try to guess the problem, just wait until the doctor tells us. 
  • Pool is down to 74 degrees.  Chilly and unless the sun is out, too cold to swim.
  • I found a Disney purse on EBay that I wanted and bid on it.  Guess what!   I got it!   Another lady must of wanted it badly because she was bidding till the last second.  I got a great price.
  • I found a few Christmas gifts at super prices.  My friend with twin girls in middle school says she never has the time to look for great buys.  I get that!  When I worked everyday I did not have that time either but now I do.  I have a few ideas for Christmas gifts and if I see them at a great price, I pick them up and save money. 
  • To my favorite HMS friends:  My friend Kris is going back to school soon after being out because of surgery.   I know she wants to return and everyone misses her.  Kelly is already stressing because of Christmas Concerts.  (I remember that well.)  And Betty just goes along happy and busy.   Miss you guys!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall in the Gulf Coast

Fall is so different on the Gulf Coast compared to northern Indiana.  Lots of beautiful colors are being proudly displayed by the trees in Indiana right now and many people love going on week-end journeys to see the beautiful colors.   Here in Florida we do know that Fall is here but mostly because  it is getting darker sooner.  Temps here are in the 80's and nights are comfortable.  So today seemed like it would be a great day to go for a ride to an area I had not visited yet - Foley, Alabama.

The tall pine trees grow fast and straight and drop big, beautiful pine cones.
 Foley was just over an hour drive for us and we loved the drive today.   Everything is very green.  We started our visit at the Tanger's Outlet Mall.   I had heard it was a great mall and it was!   Pretty, large, easy parking, lots of stores that interested me - I just need more money.
= $$ = I wanted it!
I did go into Coach and was excited when they had a 50% off coupon.   I have always wanted a Coach bag and thought, maybe now?  Well, 50% off of way-too-much is too-much.  (You might wonder why I want a Coach bag?  I have no idea.  It is just that it is - COACH!

 Afterwards, we went to a restaurant I had read about where they have wonderful rolls and throw them to you across the room.  Lambert's CafĂ© was so fun and my gosh, the amount of food you are given is crazy!  They do throw the rolls when you ask for one and the rolls  are warm and delicious.  The menu is very southern with lots of greens, fried chicken, and BBQ pork steaks and sandwiches.  I thought the prices were good - especially for the amount of food that you receive.    By this time we headed home and enjoyed the sunset on the way.  
There are other areas that I can't wait to visit.  New Orleans and some of the beautiful southern plantations in Georgia.  That was today's activities......I also took Kacey to the vet this morning for an ear check and nail trim.   I needed a relaxing drive after that - Miss Diva is quite a handful when getting the nails cut.  And I have the scratches to prove it!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

We lucked out again.

Tropical Storm Karen is not even considered a tropical storm as I go to bed this evening.   (Sat. nite)  We might get some wind - maybe some rain - but that is about it.  That's how it goes with the storms.  You keep up with the changes and prepare if need be.   Yesterday I wanted to see the waves so off we went to Pensacola Beach.  Oh, and I wanted to see Jim Cantore.  You know, the weather man guy that shows up when a bad storm is on the way.  He got sunny Pensacola Beach for his assignment and some other poor guy got the wicked snow storms. 
As soon as I pulled up to the beach by the pier, I knew he was here because this is their truck.     But he had left to go back to his room an hour earlier to take a nap.   Darn.  
 Surfers are every where you look. 
 Here is the PB fishing pier and there are always lots of surfers close by in these weather conditions.  The people standing under the pier are there just to watch surfers.  Now I know the waves don't look too bad in this shot but you will see a better shot of waves  further down.
These two beach buddies are here to see the waves and yes, get ice cream   Chocolate to be exact.
Another surfer.  Swimming is not allowed.   Only surfing.
Another surfer coming around the corner.  Maybe he wants ice cream also.
Our local news is also here.  Look at that pretty blue sky.  Does that look like there is a storm zeroing in on our beach?
Enough wave and surfer watching.   Home to swimming in the pool. 
Ah, Miss Kacey, you are such a diva.  
We will see what the weather is like in the morning and if tomorrow will be a pool or a rain day.  Take care all!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tropical Storm Karen

KAREN - Go Away!
Tropical Storm Karen is moving in our direction and I was pretty confident that we were going to make it through hurricane season without a storm.   WRONG!  Karen is supposed to turn into Hurricane level I tomorrow but hopefully drop down to a tropical storm by the time it hits land.
It will hit land probably during dark and I hear that is just scary to hear the roar of the wind when it is dark outside.   I am not looking forward to that.   We need to move all patio furniture and items into the garage, shed, and house.  We can put the chairs into the pool.   So tomorrow we will be busy moving outdoor items in.   Yuck.  The flowers are gorgeous right now.  Just downright beautiful.  I am sure they will be stripped of their beauty by the storm.  
But I am really not complaining.  Could be worse, much worse.
Oh, and gas is so cheap here right now - $3.19.  (Crazy that this price is considered cheap.)  That will change after the storm because they will have to of stopped production on the oil rigs in the gulf for the storm.   So gas will go up, up, and up.
We have hurricanes.  The middle of the country has tornadoes but at least we have some warning for our hurricanes.  Some areas have terrible snow storms, others mud slides, fires, frigid cold spells, floods, etc....
Tomorrow and Saturday it is our turn to deal with Mother Nature and we know she is a tough cookie.