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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quick update.....

I am SO frustrated!   I have worked and worked and still can't get pictures to update to this blog.  Why?  In a few weeks my brother Dave is here for Christmas and maybe he can help.  So today I will just talk.  Oh, I can put pics from past blogs up though.  Maybe I will just to brighten up the page.

We have spent the last couple of days getting Christmas decorations up and Dad has outdone himself.  The front yard is beautiful with candy canes, a manger scene, snow men, and twinkling white deer.  The inside of the house is equal to the outside.  The tree is up and most of the other decoration are up and shinning.   We are going to run snow flake lights across the back fence behind the pool and then I think we are finished.    Today it is going to be 80 degrees but my goodness, that pool water is chilly.

Probably too chilly for me to enjoy.  Our company during the Thanksgiving season was so fun.  I was reminded of the holidays with the Kaiser/Thomas relatives when I was a kid.  Of course, we miss relatives that are gone now but they were with us.   We all have stories about each one that we love to tell over and over.  Thank you for all that visited in November.  You made our Thanksgiving season so joyful and we love you all.   If you do Facebook, I just put the pics up there yesterday and you can check them out.  We also celebrated Mom's birthday and Sandy K. brought a rum cake.   Oh my gosh!!!!!  That was too, too good.  Full of rum!!!  What a great way to celebrate!

My Christmas shopping is basically done.  Back in August, I started picking up gifts so that my budget would not be hit hard in Nov. and Dec. and it has worked.  We are going to Disney World in January and I have saved money from private lessons, birthday money, and such to basically pay for that trip.   But I am going to have an echo on my heart done tomorrow.  $1000.   Really??  I am in the middle of the insurance - is that the donut(?)  so I have to pay that.   UGH!!!!!!!!!
You surely do not want to get me going on insurance.  My payments into insurance have changed unexpectedly immensely since I retired.  Enough that it might of scared me off of retiring so early if I had know the changes. 

Dad and Mom are great.   Both are having a dermatologist remove pre-cancer spots.   Most of Dad's are on the top of his head.  Bald people be warned!  Mom's are on her arms and face.  This year I am going to make a strong push to get my suntan lotion on when in the pool.   I always wear a big brimmed hat and sunglasses but I need to do more.   If we swim after 4:00, most of the pool is in the shade so that I good.

Well, I wish I could add some Christmas decoration pictures from around town but not yet.  Take care everyone, try to enjoy your holiday shopping, Christmas concert preparations, and all the wonderful holiday activities!!!     Bye for now.......

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