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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

The last few days have been a crazy scheduling of family activities of celebration and gathering for Christmas.  Sunday evening a 60th Wedding Anniversary/Cookie Swap party was held at our house.  Besides the cookies we had chicken, pinwheel sandwiches, pasta salad, and more for our guest.   We were so thankful that all invited attended our little gathering and helped us "new to the neighborhood family" celebrate my parent's 60th.  

Everyone helped and did lots of work to prepare.  My brothers are decorating large gingerbread cookies.  (One gingerbread unfortunately ended up with boobies)


Getting the table ready for the cookie swap.  

Mom is taking a break and wearing her new A CHRISTMAS STORY t-shirt.  

Cupcakes were tasty and cleverly put in the shape of a wreath.

Getting the table ready to eat.

Homemade 60 centerpiece that worked out well.

The fire in the fireplace added to the cozy, Christmas holiday feeling even though it was 62 degrees.

Pictures of Mom and Dad early in their marriage.  Everyone loves a few pictures.

Ahhhh.....ready to eat!

Finally time for the cookie swap.   All the men got a plastic holiday tub and walk around the table filling it up with goodies.  Some cheated.   Some ate cookies as they moved around collecting their treats.  Ron (my brother) cheated by putting down a plate of Oreo cookies.  NO STORE BOUGHT RON!!!!  They were all silly and funny and had a great time.

Oh my, so many cookies.  What to take - what to eat........

For all the men, this was their first cookie swap.  All in all, I believe everyone had a good time 
Like I said, family is important to us at Christmas but we always remember the reason for the season.

Some last thoughts.....
  • Monday I spent most of the day shopping with my brothers and we did quite well.  My back was in distress and it hurt to breath in so I had to put my shopping before pain.   Don't we all do that ladies?
  • Tuesday we went to McGuires for lunch - a favorite in Pensacola and then had our Christmas with Nicole, Lamont, Kray, and Elise.  So fun!   
  • Tomorrow is Christmas.  Goodness, it came so fast!  It will be a wonderful day of family, turkey, presents, Disney Parade, and more.
  • Dad read The Night Before Christmas as he has done for as long as I can remember.  Tradition!
  • And yes, it is coming now......Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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