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Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Shopping

Today was a great day to go Christmas shopping.  Yes, all you men can leave now, I said shopping.  We live in Gulf Breeze and there is a Walmart and Lowes and a few other smaller shops but for a real shopping excursion one must take off for Pensacola to the west or Fort Walton/Destin to the East.   So Mom and I headed to Pensacola and the first stop was Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  SO CROWDED!!!   We were there to pick up a ????????????? for Ron for a Christmas gift.  (Can't say what it is - Santa won't allow)   Every time you turned you were in the way of someone or they were in your way - depending on how you look at it.  Two times I crossed paths with some men shopping with their wives and grouchy is hardly a description of their attitude.  I wanted to say to them both "Hey!  Get over it!   It is the Christmas season and get that scowl  off of your face."   I didn't though.   I thought that just might make their attitude go even more downhill for their poor wives.  After our purchase, we went to Belks.  Now Belks is owned by the same company that Macys  (I loved Macys) is owned by except that Belks advertises for the "southern shopper."  We found a couple of gifts there in a good price range.  Yea for us!  
Then off to Target to price supplies for a 60th wedding anniversary "Cookie Swap Party" I am having for Mom and Dad.  I bought holiday plates, napkins, cookie containers, and more.  I have found Target's prices for such items the best deal that I can find.  We stopped on the way home to pick up groceries to make a taco salad for dinner and all this took a full afternoon.  We got home Dad was out in the front working on some of the Christmas lights that went out.   He was not happy and mumbling away saying he hated Christmas lights.  Don't worry.   We hear that from him several times every holiday season.  He is a perfectionist and wants every little bulb working.   That's my Dad.

Shopping on the IPad is so easy.  A cup of coffee, and a credit card is all that you need.

One of ways I have been shopping this year is on the internet.  Ebay, Amazon, Bealls, and Vera Bradley have all been delivering to my house in the last few weeks.  Some great deals have been offered and when shipping is free it can be a real money saver.
If you have never visited Bealls in Florida, you really must!   It is southern style clothes, home decorations,  and gift items.  They also have Bealls Outlets that have incredible deals. 

The Pensacola area has two main malls with all the normal stores that you find in Indiana.  (Except Menards.)   Fort Walton has a similar mall but a bit smaller.   Destin has a specialty mall called Destin Commons that is FANCY!  You walk from store to store outside among palm, so pretty.    Further down 98 is an outlet mall that is equally beautiful.  
I don't know what tomorrow holds.  It might be rainy and chilly.   Today was 80 degrees and humid.  Indianapolis is going to down in the teens and lower for the next week.  Sorry about that Indy friends and family.    Two weeks until my brothers come in for a week.  I can't wait!   Well, it is 11:11 and everyone is in bed - including Kacey - so I think I will head that direction also. 
                                                          Good Night to All!!

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