Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Week and it is chilly!

This picture is from over a month ago.  Today is too chilly to be out in the water except for surfers.  The wind has been blowing a storm across the country and our chill is nothing compared to what other states are receiving from Mother Nature. 

It is interesting how well our flowers have been doing - they seem to like the cooler weather.  But the wind last night blew quit a few blooms away.  

I woke up at 2:00 am and came out to the kitchen to get a drink of orange juice.  Dad was up also and we both noticed the pool sweeper was running.  It shouldn't be at 2:00 am.  So we went out with the wind blowing and noticed it was not only running but tangled itself up.  It never does that.   So off the pump went till morning.   Too late, to chilly, and we were too tired to straighten it out.  

Last week:   I have some great pictures of when Stacy, Jasmine and Nancy were here put can't load anything onto the blog unless it is a previous photo that was loaded on the blog.  They had a great time I believe and kept us running. 
This week:  The Thanksgiving crowd comes in and we are looking forward to their visit.  It sure makes the holiday more special.  We have some odds and ends to take care of before they come but we are basically ready. 
Most of you have a short work week!  That is a great feeling!   Take care and make sure you get your turkey out of the freezer on time!   Bye for now....

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