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Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

It is Friday the 13th and a good day.   Christmas shopping in Pensacola, more cookie baking and watching White Christmas at the same time.  Dad had a spot on his ear worked on this morning for pre-cancerous spots so his ear is wrapped up but he is doing just fine.
Last night I went to the Gulf Breeze Middle School Band Concert and enjoyed it!  So much is very similar to our program at Hobart and lots of the music played are arrangements that we have played also.

Our company/family during Thanksgiving.  For Christmas we have Dave and Ron coming in - matter of fact next Friday night they will be on their way.


Kacey does not mind the cooler weather - she doesn't have to go into the pool.  But I don't think she really minds it if it is hot.   She just lays back as we hold her and she just enjoys life. 

Surfin' Kacey.  

We are slowly adding in sod to the yard.  Money, money, money.........

I mentioned earlier that Dad has worked so hard on the Christmas decorations in the front yard.   Hopefully I can get some pictures of them tomorrow night before they turn off.   But in the house we have some special holiday areas besides the tree.

This is very special and always will be to us.   My Grandpa Ronschke made this Church for my  Mom when she was a little girl.  She tried to set it up each year but eventually the years took over and it was not usable.   Ron surprised her by taking it (approx 5 years ago) and redid the whole Church so that it looked exactly how Grandpa built it.   And yes, you guessed right,  Mom cried when she saw it.  There is a small light on inside and always reminds us of our Grandfather.  Don't we all have small Christmas items that are precious to us because of reminders of past loved ones.

The Nativity has been moved each year in the new house but I think we finally found the perfect spot.

When you enter the front door, you are welcomed by this charming snowman and his friends.  Inside are colorful snow flakes that rotate.

How perfect!  We have a pelican that enjoys celebrating Christmas with us!   The funny thing is that he was not purchased here in Florida, I bought him up north in Menards a few years ago.  
Just a few short thoughts:

  • I miss doing the Christmas Concerts - I don't miss doing the Christmas Concerts.  
  • Kelly said hers was great last night!  I am so glad!
  • I haven't started buying for stockings yet.  I will wait for my brothers to help with that.   Boy, those can be expensive when you add it all up.
  • The vets know Kacey by name when she enters the office.   Is that a good or bad thing?
  • My Christmas Cards are done and ready to mail.
And with that, I will finish watching White Christmas and then off to bed.  

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