Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Friday, December 20, 2013

Five Days Until Christmas

December skies can be sunny and bright at the beach or, like today, cloudy and misty.  You could tell somewhere there was a storm and the humidity level was high.  I am not complaining after years of shoveling snow in December.

It is five days until Christmas and my brothers are on their way down for the week!  As I type this, they are in Nashville which is considered the half way point.   They are driving ahead of the storms and should arrive here early morning.   Again, lots of the country is going into storm mode but we are going to have wind and rain on Sunday but it is in the 60's.   They closed down the road to Fort Pickens and had everybody in the campground leave at 5:00 for fear the waves from the gulf would shut down the road and strand people out in the park.

Road down to Fort Pickens on Pensacola Beach

We  ran over to the beach for dinner because I needed some sand.  Where else would you go.  I went to the Dollar store and got some candles and I have some small glass bowls that I will put the sand in and then place the candles on the sand.   I think it will be pretty.   At least Pinterest says it will be.
I don't have too many pictures.   I took my camera to Pensacola Beach with us but took it out to use it and stupid me!   Dead battery!

I am sorry Kacey but Sage is on the way here.  
Here is a picture of Kacey and Sage together.   Kacey does NOT like Sage.   Sage is young with lots of energy and Kacey is partially blind and can't see her coming so she gets upset with Sage.  Sage is a typical 1 year old dog......."I want to play, play, play!"

When we leave the house, Kacey run over to HER window at the front door.   She can stand there and watch us go and bark.  It is a sad thing to see.  Guilt!

Five days before Christmas and all the decorations are up but two people in our family have not started their shopping yet.  (And it is not me, Mom, or Dad.)  So that will take one day to accomplish since I have already sat down and wrote out gift items for each person to save time.  You see, I am a shopper.   I love to shop, think and peruse items to get the best gift possible.  So my brothers turn to me in times of gift buying. 

We will be celebrating my parent's 60th wedding anniversary on Sunday night with friends.  I will be doing a blog in a couple of days about their 50th party -this is a picture of them at that dinner 10 years ago.  They don't look much different, do they.  So with the anniversary, Christmas, my brothers being here for a week - we are going to be busy!

Have fun finishing up your shopping and baking and decorating and just plain enjoying the holidays!
Merry Christmas!

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