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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Nutcracker

Yesterday my friends Sally, Hanah, (am I spelling your name right Hanah?) Jordan, and I went to see The Nutcracker in Mobile.  It was wonderful!  Both Hanah and Jordan are dancers (along with being french horn and oboe players in band) and it was quite a treat for us all.  Dinner out afterwards made it a perfect pre-Christmas day.
Beautiful costumes and sets.

And of course, what do you buy for a souvenir when you go to The Nutcracker?

A Nutcracker, of course!

Today was a productive day.   Laundry, bill paying, made brownies for Nicole's family, and spent quite a long time on the phone with Blue Cross.  Half of that time is just getting through all the recordings to the point where you can actually talk to a live person.   But once I did, she was wonderful and answered all my questions.

The Gift Thief
We have a gift thief in our house.   She has four legs and a curly tail.   Kacey likes to move the gifts out from under the tree.  Kacey not only does this when we are gone but also right in front of us when we are home.  Then she looks at us to say "How do you like that?  Now get me my dinner!"  She does not open them, or rip the paper........just moves them out.   Very annoying, let me tell you.  

More Ornament Traditions
Each and every ornament has a story or tradition behind it.  I love them all and can't be talked into throwing any away even though we do have quite a collection.     I also love looking at the ornaments on other people's trees when I visit and appreciating what collections they have hanging on their trees.  

This drummer is one I picked up myself a few years ago.   Obviously, being a band director, music ornaments can catch my eye but I love the elegant colors of blues and greens in this little drummer.  His legs sway freely and can sit if you wish.

Every year my Aunt Clarice gave me four glass ornaments for my tree.  The crystal and gold from the lighthouse above shimmer with the white lights on the tree.  Every time I hang these, my thoughts go back to my funny, loving aunt who loved Christmas time.

I have collected four of these pure white Santa with long, flowing silk-like beards.  Again, the white lights bring out the elegance in this Santa on the tree.

I love the old fashioned, whimsical ornaments,   This little guy has his pipe in his mouth and he is made out of wood.  Even though he is dressed as a ship captain, his beard makes you think he also might be Santa.

What's Happening Santa?

The next few days will be finishing up shopping.  Dave and Ron come in on Saturday morning and I will be helping them to shop.   Procrastinators!!
Sunday evening we are having a get together with 18 or so neighbors to celebrate Mom and Dad's 60th Anniversary.  Also, we are going to have a cookie swap that night.  So fun!  It will be a wonderful week and go so fast.  It is going on 11:00 and everyone is in bed.   It is a nice time to write my blog with quiet in the house except for the snoring of Kacey next to me.  

 As our welcome mat states, I pray for Peace and Joy for all my friends and family this holiday season.

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