Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Monday, December 9, 2013


Tonight's title is Frozen - no, I am not cold.  Mom and I went to the Disney's new movie "FROZEN".
Go See This Movie!!  I loved it!  The music was wonderful, a great story line, and the art was incredible with beautiful winter scenes.  The way it is put together you can see a Broadway musical soon to come.   I love going to see a movie that has no killing, no bad language, and fun characters in it. 
   The two sisters sing a couple wonderful duets in the movie. 

Our movie theater is Gulf Breeze is wonderful.   Eight theaters with large, partially reclining seats and plenty of leg room make it very comfy to watch movies.   Popcorn tastes great but is so expensive.   I know it is in every theater.   They make more money off of the popcorn than they do the movie I have read.  I believe it!

For the first time in my life I had a small slice of fruitcake.  There are so many jokes about bad fruitcakes passed around at Christmas that I guess that I just assumed that they were not very tasty.  I was wrong.  It was delicious!  They had a small one at Walmart and we decided to pick it up and try.  Very moist with nuts and of course, fruit.  Yummy!


Our Gulf Breeze Zoo has a new baby giraffe.   I hope to get over and see him/her tomorrow.  Just over 5 feet tall - so tiny compared to mom and dad. 

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