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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Lights

Last night Ron, Dave, and I went to Bellingraph's in Alabama to see the Christmas Lights.   Now, they are known all year round for their beautiful gardens and a home that one can tour.   During the holiday season, they construct an absolutely incredible Christmas Light display that takes 1 1/2 hours to walk through.  It is $15.00 an adult and well worth the money. 

It is about 1 1/2 hours from our house - driving around the Mobile Bay takes time.  I think we found it a pleasant drive.   We drove by a mostly picked cotton field - we are used to seeing corn in Indiana.
The driving by Mobile, the USS Alabama, through the tunnel under the river, and seeing the upper Mobile Bay was interesting.

Spanish moss hangs in the trees like decorations in the parking lot.   I know over a long period of time it can kill off a tree but it sure is pretty.

Once arriving, we ate in their restaurant and had turkey.  It was fine except that I have had so much turkey lately that I am not ready to eat any more.

The lights are beautiful and it is very clear where to walk along the path.  This fountain is my favorite shot.

I have heard that Bellingrath's is the top Christmas Tree light display in the country.   I don't know if that is true but I would not be surprised.  Here is a poinsettia tree in the greenhouse.

This was a stunning display of lights hanging from a tree.  They hung down at least 15 feet long in blues, purples, and white lights.  Wow!

Every path has a different theme.  This path was candles.   It was as if someone saw a candle light display and said - hey, I like that, order 40!

In the main pasture there were groupings of Christmas trees - all in blues, purples, and greens.   It again was stunning.  The last white snow flakes hanging from above set off the winter scene.

We moved into the section with seagull and pelican lights that were at least four feet tall.

The swans were simply majestic in their water home.  These are at least 6 feet tall and yet so delicate.

How about a long path of cheery gingerbread men.  As you can see, if I got too close with my flash, I ruined part of the shot.  I'm learning.

The train was viewed across a pond and the reflection in the water gave you twice as much to look at.

This was quite far away so to see this so clearly shows you how large these objects are set back on the other side of another pond.

The thought process and organization was very evident.   You could never get off the path so it was so easy to follow.  People were enjoying the experience and very well behaved.  
This is my second time at Bellingraph.  The first time was with my friends from Hobart and it rained the whole time.  Much nicer when you are dry and not cold.  The one thing that was mentioned by my brothers is that hardly any lights have a moving display.  Everything is stationary.  You know, that did not bother me in the least bit because I was in awe of all the displays.  It was fun to do with my silly brothers, they enjoyed the ride, especially driving UNDER the river in Mobile.  Just another one of our fun activities while they were here. 

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