Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Monday, December 30, 2013

Go Away Clouds

I just want to see the sun!   Oh, I know I shouldn't be complaining since the weather here is much better than up north but I have always after a few days of clouds yearned for the sun.

I know there is a 38 degree difference but......I am getting spoiled.
We ate at Outback tonight because right down the street was a Christmas Light last one of the season to see.  It was downtown Pensacola right off of Palafox Street.   Palafox is the main street through town and has the feel of New Orleans with the balconies above the sidewalk and the shops offering tables out front to eat a meal or have a drink.  
Sorry - taken with my cell phone and not too clear.

Kacey has major allergies and right now she is scratching all the time.  So tonight she got a pill for itching, a special spray for her paw that she has bitten raw because of itching, cleaned out ears, ear meds, and eye meds.  And a treat for when all is done.  That is all for now.....I have no special plans for New Year's Eve so I am sure I will just be watching tv.  I ALWAYS make my Aunt Clarice's BBQ recipe.   Always!  
Happy last day of 2013!

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