Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Relaxing Sunday - No snow here!

**Today I am trying something different with my pictures.   We will see if it works.  Kelly and Holly gave me the same suggestion of what to do so I will try that soon.  If there are big, blank spots in this entry, then you know my pictures would not upload again.

Today was a relaxing day - very warm again - close to 80 but felt warmer in the sun.  I did not make it to Church since I needed to get Kacey over to Walgreens to get her shots.  There is a Pet Caravan that travels each month to various Walgreens and CVS  with a vet or retired vet and gives shots for a much discounted price than the vet's office.  Lots of people take advantage of this. It is in my area once a month for an hour and  December is Kacey's month to get shots - scheduled from 9:00-10:00.   We got home and decided since it was a beautiful day that we would go to Sidelines on Pensacola Beach. 
The Pittsburg/Detroit game was playing on one of the many TV's and the snow was almost thick as a white out  coming down .  So funny to watch them play in those conditions. 
 Sidelines-Sports Bar
As you can see, TV's everywhere.  

My family in Indiana is COLD!!  Family and friends in Indy have snow/sleet/and cold.  Atlanta family says it is chilly and Sugarland, Texas says it is cold -for Texas.   And it is 80 here today.  WOW!  No shoveling of snow, no winter coats, no carrying Kasey to a shoveled spot in the yard.  I always said that snow until Christmas was pretty and helped with holiday spirits but after Christmas - snow usually comes with ice, sleet, and cold.  You know, that cold that makes you shiver till your bones hurt and your fingers loose feeling.   I hated doing the drive way early in the morning at 6:00 so that I could get my car out.  I hated trying to get my electric-start snow blower going - it wouldn't -  and finally calling Ron and it would start immediately for him.   But most of all, I hated driving in bad conditions.   Even a small hill can cause cars to scoot all of the place.
Here, we still have flowers blooming  and many days I can wear capris or shorts. 
The breeze from the Gulf of Mexico can be chilly if you are on the beach but seldom too COLD to visit the water.  But the water is too cold to go wading.  If there are surfers, they have on wet suits.
Well, just a couple of thoughts before I go......
  • We made it through a hurricane season without to much of a hurricane scare.
  • My Christmas shopping is done!   Yep, Santa could learn from me.
  • I have decided that Dad should become a professional Christmas light decorator.  Our yard is very festive.
  • Dad was upset recently because a bear pooped in our yard.   Big poop.  He-he!!!
  • Good luck to all band and choral directors with their Christmas shows and concerts.   It is stress time.......I remember it well.
Take care all.........

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