Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Thursday, September 1, 2011


After a good night's rest I got out of bed and looked at boxes - again - still!  Well, the weather channel is talking about a tropical storm coming in tomorrow for 2 or 3 days with lots of rain so I decided to get outside today.  Off Mom and I were off to Destin.   Shopping for stores to shop.  Now let me clarify that statement - we weren't going shopping but looking for stores to go shopping in the future.  So we found a fantastic outlet mall, and another mall that reminded me of the Lafayette Tippecanoe Mall.   While driving down highway 98 we came across the "Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.", you know, from Forrest Gump.  So, so good.  That is on the list of return restaurants.  Shrimp in the gulf in fantastic and so is the fish that we so enjoyed at lunch!

The topic came up - "why do we always see large palm trees and no small ones?"  I have no idea but I can tell you, when we were only here one week, we had already purchased a palm tree.  We picked it out at a palm tree nursery that you ride around in a golf cart checking out all the trees.  Once you pick out your tree, it is tagged, delivered to your house on a large semi-truck and a large crane lowers the tree into the ground.  Ours came about 20 feet tall.  Believe me, not as much money as you would think.

Tree up with a crane.
Tree being delivered.
 Like I said, where are the baby palm trees?   I just don't know.

I would like to end this post with a thought about my fellow teachers.   Having been retired only a few weeks, I so remember the need to rest and get your thoughts together again after the first 9 days of school.  Teachers have prepared weeks during their summer break for the first two weeks of school but nothing can destroy the best of plans than a classroom of 12 year old children just off of summer break.  So each day you regroup, and you regroup again and again, until your brain  is turning to mush.   BUT then comes that beautiful Labor Day Week-end.   You breathe, you restructure your plans and expectations and come Tuesday morning, you are off and running.  You are a teacher!
                         Happy Labor Day Week-end to my teacher friends!  Miss you lots!

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  1. Wow a whole 9 days! Peg the blog site is very cool.