Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Day After the Storm

This is the first day after tropical storm Lee - the morning brought a beautiful blue sky and sunshine.  So I got my comfy shoes on and went to the Gulf Breeze Zoo to enjoy the cool morning.   We live just 2 minutes away from the zoo and I love to run over to the zoo to walk.   It takes about 45 minutes to walk  if I don't stop to talk to the animals but.......yes, I often stop to visit with the animals.  This zoo is clean and all the people that work there love to talk to you about the animals!  I learn something every time I visit the zoo.
 Now, my afternoon was spent at the beach after the storm to see if there were shells washed in from the storm.  To my surprise, I saw 6 incredibly beautiful star fish, vibrant purple with yellow around the edges.  I was so in awe of their beauty that I forgot to take their picture before I threw then back, hoping they would live.    How stupid I was though.   I am on the beach with no place to set my iphone and keys.  So I put them in my pocket and say to myself, I will not get close enough to the larger waves to get wet.  Well, there was this perfect shell......the one that you must go a bit further out to get.......and here comes that wave just aiming at me and now I am soaking wet. It is not like I am a novice to the beach.  So lesson learned.   Bring a beach bag, oh, and a towel.  
On the way home I drove down by the Gulfside Pavilion and the large equipment was clearing the sand blown up from the storm for tonight's Band on the Beach concert.  
I really would like to go to the concert tonight but we might be back on the beach looking for shells. (With a beach bag and towels.)   
Such are the decisions to make when you live in paradise!

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