Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back to Florida

I just spent a week in Indiana visiting my brothers, friends, school,  and doctors.  All was so fun!  (The doctors weren't fun but all went well.)  I stayed and my brother Ron's house and was treated like a house guest, not just like his big sister coming in to stay.   I don't know why you look red Ron.   We were having pizza - my first night there.  My favorite pizza!  The 2nd night I met Dave - my other brother - for supper and we drove out to the lake.  So pretty.
Fall is in the air back in Indiana.  Cool nights and days in the low 70's felt so good.  These always make me think of fall.  Don't we call them cat tails? 
Chicago had their cows, Pensacola has the pelicans, and Hobart has the Brickies.  This is Yohan, - the Hobart Brickie mascot.  He became the Hobart schools mascot many years ago Hobart is called the Brickies because 100 years ago, there was a brick factory in Hobart.  It is a cool name - different.  Well, as driving around town, I came across several of these Brickies.  Pretty cool!

I flew home and it was great.  Stop over in Atlanta was just the right length and Ron picked me up at Midway.  Now I know everyone has their flying stories but the return flights home were iffy at best.   They kept saying they might cancel the flights due to weather but finally we got on the flight to Atlanta but oh, so late.   So when I arrived at Atlanta, I had 5 minutes to get to my flight in another terminal.  I new that was not going to happen.  But they held the flight!!!!  So cool!!!  So I did get home to sleep in my own bed.

Now I am back to my Florida fun.  Navarre is having their sand sculpture contest this week-end.  We stopped by last night and I am going back later this afternoon so more pictures to come.  It is amazing what these talented people do.

Again, I had a wonderful time visiting friends and family.   Thanks much Sandy, Jim, Ron, Dave, Kelly, Betty, Kris, and Betty at Shears.  Closing down now and going to unpack my suitcase.  (Oh by the way, I bought so many new t-shirts and tops that I had to ship them to Florida instead of carry them on the plane.) 

Palm tree in twilight.

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