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Saturday, September 3, 2011

She's Difficult To Please!

This is my Kacey.   She is difficult to please.
We moved from Portage, Indiana.  That is right off of beautiful Lake Michigan.  But it is COLD in the winter with lots of snow and ice.  She hated snow...especially when it was higher than her short body.  Her little feet hated the frozen ground.   So you would think she is happier here in Florida.   Well, maybe not. It was over 90 degrees for the first 3 1/2 weeks - too hot for Kacey.  She figures she is better off in the air conditioned house.   Now it is raining and raining.   Her little tootsies don't like to get wet.   I guess when the weather is a perfect 75 sunny day she will be happy.   Maybe, maybe not.  You might say she just is a spoiled pug.

Speaking of too much rain, we have it here!  So off to Crabs we went to dinner so we could watch the waves.   WOW are they big!   Maybe gives us a little idea of the power of an actual hurricane.
This picture does not show the extreme heighth of the waves.   But I was getting soaked standing there trying for the best picture.  Well, what does one do when the rain takes away your beach time?   You go have a bushwacker.

Now I do believe Crabs has the best bushwacker, but Peg Leg's has the best tuna dip, and Flounder's has the best flounder - of course.  This particular bushwacker was very, very thick.  You might of figured that out in my picture below.

                                          Excuse my hair.  It has been soaking wet three times today.
                                               I, unlike Kacey, am willing to go out into the rain. 
                        (While she naps in a comfy house on the lazy boy chair.   Spoiled dog!) 

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  1. Looks like you guys know how to weather the storm! ;) Been thinking about you. Love all the updates & pics!