Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Friday, September 2, 2011

The letter T

The letter T stands for trolleys, tropical storms, and turtles. 
So let's start with the trolley.  PB has trolleys that run in the summer that cover a good deal of the beach area to move people around.  Their colorful designs not only make them noticable but add to the colorful flavor of the beach.  And they are free!  Yes, free!  In this day and age, what is free anymore?  I have never ridden one but I will, I will for sure.
The next T stands for tropical storm.  Tropical storm Lee is presently moving towards Louisiana.  Yes, we are going to experience a tropical storm.   My first.  This is soooooo much better than a hurricane.  We are to get lots of rain for several days and the waves may get over 15 feet.  So we went out to the beach today to see the beginning of the storm's effects on the waves.  They were big and no one but surfers are allowed in the water.  I walked down to the shoreline and got soaking wet but the rain is so warm that it makes you feel like a little child playing out in the rain again.  You have to feel sorry for all the people with beach reservations for Labor Day Week-end and the water is off limits.  I will go back to the beach Saturday and Sunday to see the larger waves. 

My last T is for turtle.  The beaches here are known for the sea turtle's arrival to lay their eggs.  Now I can talk about this first hand.  When in Jupiter, Florida years ago, we gathered flashlights and headed to the beach and sure enough, here came one of the largest turtles that I have even seen crawling up the beach.  We stayed away and let her begin her digging and then we could move closer to watch.   Once the turtle starts laying eggs, they go into a trance and will not stop even though you are there.  It was a wonderful experience to be apart of with my uncle and aunt.  I just wish I had brought mosquitto spray!  Today on the beaches, volunteers check  for turtle nests and make sure that they are not too close to the water otherwise they can be washed away.   When the baby turtles hatch, they make sure they go to the water.  Lights on houses can confuse the hatchlings and they will crawl toward the light rather than the gulf and then die.   Hopefully the tropical storm will not cause too many problems with the hatching of sea turtle nests.
I hope all my friends and family in Indiana have a great Labor Day vacation and stay cool.   We will try to stay dry!  Love to all!!

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  1. Hi Peggy, Are you actually on the barrier island? The hubster and I rented an 8th floor condo at Emerald Isle last February and are planning to do that again in 2012. As a matter of fact I just emailed the rental agency to get some info.

    I found through Barrier Island Girl's blog and had to touch base with you. I am going to subscribe in Google Reader. Maybe I'll be the first one to do so.

    We have a bit in common. I retired four years ago from Stockbridge High School. I taught mathematics from Algebra to AP Calculus. I loved it, but have never regretted retiring. I don't know when I ever had time to go to work.

    You can come over and check out my blog if you'd like.