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Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Home Pictures

I went to the zoo this morning and did my walking and talking to the animals.  Then home to continue
more unpacking of boxes and finding places to put stuff while trying to try to make the house not look like it is stuffed with stuff.   This may be an impossible job but we are trying.  Tomorrow we have new friends coming over for a BBQ and they just moved in 2 weeks before us.   I am going to guess that they are trying to find places for their "stuff" also.  Enough of that.  I took a few pictures of some of the areas of the house.
The picture above is the hallway that turns to go towards two of the bedrooms, a bathroom, and out toward the untility room.  Dad made this mirror and the table out of oak.  He makes beautiful furniture and our house is full of pieces that Dad has built.
This is one of the bathrooms. Dad made the oak cabinet above the toilet.   I love the blue paint....ocean blue.  The shower curtain is surfboards  - it came with the bathroom and my brother loves the shower curtain so we will stay with it for a time.  The blue in the curtain matches the wall perfectly.  My brothers love to boogie board at the beach - of course, this is nothing like surfing but they can dream, can't they?
The formal dinning room has turned out just as we wished.   We purchased the table up in Hobart and had it moved down with the other furniture.   The Grandmother clock and the china cabinet were made by my father.   I told you .....he is very talented.

 This is a picture of the room I talked about yesterday - the room with so many names.  Ron's room,  the guest bedroom, the craft room, and the beach room.   I love the way this room has come out also,   Oh, at the two round bedside tables were made by Dad. 
Thank goodness a recyle bin is just down the road from us.   We drop off empty boxes every day - when those trips stop, then I guess we will know we are finally unpacked.  Oh, and Dave and Ron, don't worry, we have left lots of work for you guys.!! 

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