Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stay Out!

If these flags are flying and you are swimming in the gulf, you are not taking the danger seriously.   We stopped by Pensacola Beach and no one was in the water except for surfers (at least while we were there).  The lifeguards announce every way possible to stay out of the water but there is always someone who thinks that means everyone else.  (I taught middle school - I am use to not being listened too!)  No one but surfers were in the water at Pensacola Beach but we ran over to Navarre Beach after dinner and there were at least 10 people in the water.  Please do not put your life and the life of a lifeguard in danger.  
These pictures just don't show the intensity of the waves.  And the sound - the roar of the waves is so loud! The sand blowing stings the skin and you can only take it so long and then run for cover.  My neck was red from the sand burn when we returned to the car.  But I would not of missed this for anything! 

This is a shot at the pavilion where Bands At The Beach takes place but it is under sand right now.   This reminds me snow drifts in Indiana.  The road to Fort Pickens and to Navarre are closed due to sand and flooding.

I love to see the sea oats growing again all over the beach.  I know lots of work went into replanting these beautiful plants after the last hurricanes.   Besides their beauty, they help to hold the sand in place. 
I talked to my cousin Sandy tonight and she envisioned us out in the wind on the beach standing at an angle so that the wind does not cause us to fall over - just like Jim Catore does during bad storms.  Well, Sandy, except needing to wash my hair to get the bucket of sand out of it, we did not put ourselves in any danger.  I don't think the Weather Channel will be interested in my help. 

Also, Kris wanted to know what is a bushwacker.  Well, Kris, come down and visit and we will go out for a bushwacker but I looked it up and this is how it is made.....
Blend until smooth.   Must have a cherry on top!  (That is my stipulation!)

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  1. That Bushwacker sounds like an adult ice cream sundae! :-)