Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PIRATES! Arrrrgh..........

Today we worked at home unpacking.  Unbelievable how much unpacking there is to take care of......still boxes and boxes and it is a little scary - where is it all going.  Today, an organization similar to Goodwill stopped by and picked up lots of stuff.   How nice that they come and get it all.  So tonight we were ready for a bit of fun.
The pirates landed on Pensacola Beach.   I couldn't miss that so we ate a sandwich at one of the beach restaurants and then went on down to the Pirate Paddle Boarding races.   Young and old raced on their paddle boards in pirate outfits.  It was fun and finally a bit cooler - mid 80's so you could enjoy being outside.
Quite a few people showed up considering it is a school night.  The water is very warm......just they way you like it!   Paddle boarding looks like so much fun but has to use muscles you never knew you had.  So I will just watch and enjoy.
Speaking of pirates, one of our favorite (and I think everyone's favorite) is Peg Leg Petes.   Just the way you want a seafood restaurant to be - lots of sand, boats behind in the channels, the food is excellent, especially the tuna dip.  (You can tell I am a band director, I just typed tuba dip by accident.)  The cars outside at Peg Leg's and lined up all the way down the beach and people are more than willing to wait.  Now that is a successful restaurant!

We got home just before dark and sat out on the porch.  It is the only place in the house that is just about finished.  We were lucky, between Mom and Dad's furniture and my porch furniture we ended up with a nice outdoor patio area. All we needed to get were some indoor-outdoor carpets from Lowes and we were set.  I had a small fountain in my screen room in Portage and that works out just great on the patio. 

 So we can sit out there relaxing........and looking for PIRATES!   No pirates yet, but we have been told there is a bear or two.  I'd rather have the pirates!

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