Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fort Pickens road open again.

Last night our neighbors, several doors down, came to dinner.  They moved in two weeks before us and have the most wonderful son and daughter.  We could not pick any better friends to start out new life here.  I hope we have many other wonderful evenings together to enjoy.
This morning I read the paper and the road to Fort Pickens is open so off Mom and I went to see what it looked like after all the sand was removed from tropical storm Lee.   Today was one of those days that you remember for a long time - beautiful sunny skies and the water different shades of blue.  It even seemed more pelicans were out than usual enjoying this weather.  The road most of the way was normal but various areas had sand on the road yet.  But the areas that had the most sand blow on the road was the most interesting.  The sand would be pushed to the side of the road and was 6 to 10 feet high.  I assume eventually they will flatten that sand about so you can see the water again. The sand here in the gulf coast is a white quartz sand that was on the Appalachian Mountains thousands of years ago before it was washed down to the coast lines.

Being from northern Indiana, I am use to driving country roads in the winter and seeing snow piled up - especially in the Monticello area.  Mother Nature should did her thing!   Now, what does a kid do when he sees all this sand??

Climb it, of course!
Just a word about entering the park, if you have the senior pass, they are asking for identification now to go along with your pass.  I guess some people have been taking other's passes and using them so that they would not have to pay.  So bring your identification with you if you have the free senior pass.
Fort Pickens was busy today.  Even though it was only a few days that the roads were closed, I think people just wanted to get back down there and enjoy the beauty.   Nice to see the camp store open again.
What to do after out Fort Pickens drive - go to Peg Legs for lunch and Mom and I both ordered the shrimp salad.  Soooooo tasty.
Tomorrow night Mom is going in for a sleep test to see if she stops breathing at all while sleeping.  So we will drop her off at 8:00 p.m. and pick her up at 8:00  in the morning.  All she has to do is sleep but with wires attached all over her arms, legs, chest, and head.  Sure, now go to sleep they say.  We will have to wear her out tomorrow so she is sleepy.  No naps tomorrow Mom!

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