Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scrapbooking Room

Today went so quickly!  Mom and I ran to Pensacola to shop at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Lowes looking for lime green baskets for the fourth bedroom.  That room has several different names.   It is called Ron's room, the guest bedroom, and the craft room.   It is the smallest room in the house so we had to plan how to best utilize the area of the room and have it look pleasant.  Oh, it is also called the Pensacola Beach room because it is decorated in a beach theme.  I love the way the room turned out.   Hopefully, everything will be put away in the room tomorrow and I can get a picture of the room up for you to see.
We went shelling last night but did not come home with very many shells but it was soooooo pretty!  We stayed till dark enjoying the beach.

Dad is great at shelling but not last night!  Just not enough light to help us see through the water.

If you live up north this might at first look like snow in a field but it is actually the sugar white sand on the island. 

Fall is coming!  At least that is what Michaels and Hobby Lobby are telling us.  I am anxious to see what fall is like here.  Of course, in Indiana you have the incredible colors of the leaves changing and crops turning to beautiful golden hues.  So we are interested in seeing what happens to the plants and trees here in fall and winter.  Everything is new and we have lots to learn.  We have been so busy setting up the house and yard that I fall into bed exhausted....and that is a good feeling.   Good night to all!

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