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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back Home Again in Indiana....

Last Wednesday I flew back up to my hometown in Indiana - Hobart.   The flight was great but my gosh, how Midway in Chicago has grown since I had been there.  I am staying with my brother Ron and having the best of times.   Some time has been given to complete some medical work but mostly visiting friends and family.
As soon as Labor Day week-end is over, the field begin to turn a beautiful golden color.  The trees have not started turning yet but you can see fall is a coming!
As I write this, I am at our friend Mike's house.  This is a special house to me.  Mom grew up here, then Grandma and Grandpa sold it to Mom and Dad and I grew up here.  This hill goes down to Lake George.  We spent our winters ice skating and sledding.  Wonderful child memories.  Now, Mike has the house and loves it as much as we did.   Beautiful view, isn't it?

One of the many things I lack in Florida is my hairdresser/friend Betty.   She owns Shears in Monticello so Friday I took off for her to color (whoops - of course I don't color my hair) and then met Dave, my other silly brother for dinner.   Had a great day.
I don't have that much time and I wanted to spend as much time with my friends as brother as possible.   Yesterday was my birthday so we went out to dinner and then to the gambling boats in Michigan City.  We are NOT big gamblers so we don't last long before our money allowance is gone.  But it was fun and we can dream of the riches we could of won, right??

Also on Saturday, I went to my friend Kelly's house for Colin's first birthday.  That was quite a birthday bash.  He took it all in stride.  I loved seeing Eric and Lisa and Kelly's sister Colleen and her cutie Maddie.  Happy real Birthday on Wednesday Colin.
This has been a fun trip.  I miss my friends so much but I know I made the right decision to retire.  I enjoy having every day to do what I want.  Now understand, I loved teaching, loved it for 36 wonderful years but now I am living  in paradise!  I will always be a hoosier and a Floridian  - both!   But what football team to cheer for now?   Hmmmmm.......

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