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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Yuck!  We had an unwanted visitor yesterday.  He was very small but moved fast - a scorpion.    He (or maybe a she)  was by the front door on the tile.  Now, I always knew that there are scorpions here - my friend had several a couple of years ago.  Next door, Karol has had them also.  But we have not had any probably because we have someone spray the yard for insects and Dad sprays throughout the house on a regular basis.
So I went on Wikipedia......the truth shall be known.
  The chances of getting stung by one here in Florida that could kill you are so, so slim.  The sting from almost all of the scorpions found in Florida would hurt like a wasp sting - maybe more -  and would get swollen and red.   You might have to go to the doctor but again, you will live.

The one in our house was small and Dad killed it.   Now the next question.   How did it get in?  
Did it follow someone in the front door?
Did it ride on some one's clothing into the house?
Was it living in the banana trees outside of our front door?
Was it on beach towels that hang outside?
OR does it have a secret entrance that we don't know about!!!!  EEEEEEEKKKK!!!!!!!!!!
Scorpions are

Afterwards, Dad said to me "Please don't let this bother you."   
Ah......yea....sure....ah ha..... sure thing.......I won't be bothered by the stinging scorpion in my living room where I walk barefoot.   But I just smiled at him.........


Now onto other topic.   This trailer is sitting out front of our house with St. Augustine sod for us to lay tomorrow.   Good news for me, though!   Our wonderful neighbor Bill is going to help Dad do it.   
We have an area in front next to the neighboring house that does not do well will grass.   Most of our grass is centipede grass and that is not a great grass.   It only lasts so long and then begins to die off.   So we are slowly switching to St. Augustine.

Later than I thought - 11:30 so I had better get ready for bed.
Take care and enjoy!

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